Jessica Mulroney, White Privilege, and Racism (Part 3)

Jessica Mulroney was benefitting a whole lot from her friendship with the Duchess of Sussex, formerly Meghan Markle. She was using her friend’s status as a selling tool to make deals with companies like Kleinfeld, Hudson’s Bay, CTV, ABC and Harper’s Bazaar. She had begun styling celebrities like Mindy Kaling.

Jessica Mulroney doing the “editor cape,” a thing that Meghan does and that drives me absolutely crazy. But that’s a story for another time!

But then her treatment of Black Toronto influencer Sasha Exeter came out. Jessica tried to manage that scandal by threatening Sasha with a “liable” lawsuit (the correct term is “libel”). Sasha posted the threatening message from Jessica on her Instagram, and the cancellation of JM that had already begun look on a whole new life. Her brand and sponsorship deals dropped like flies. These Instagram stories are from a 24-hour period after Sasha posted the pic of Jessica’s “liable” comment.

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