Jessica Mulroney, White Privilege, and Racism (Part 4)

Let’s go through the Mulroneys’ various apologies for being toxic and in Jessica’s case, bullying and intimidating a single mother (Sasha Exeter) by threatening to use her social status to make brands cease partnerships with her. For the record, these apologies really didn’t materialize until this started affecting Ben and Jessica’s bank accounts. Here are Jessica’s various apologies:

A short time after this, Jessica’s husband and longtime eTalk presenter Ben Mulroney announced his intention to step back from his hosting duties at eTalk to make way for more diverse voices. He also said in the video announcement that he loves and is very proud of his wife.

Jessica Mulroney decided to take a break from social media until the storm died down. Her first post after the scandal popped up in mid-August. She received a lot of friendly comments (including one from Mindy Kaling, who is following her again after unfollowing during the worst of it) but she also received a lot of negative and critical comments about her seeming lack of contrition when it doesn’t affect her bottom line, her performative allyship, and her toxic treatment of Sasha Exeter.

People also commented on how her best friend, Meghan, had made no public comment of support of her since the scandal. Even worse, some tabloids reported that Meghan is totally cutting her off and distancing herself from Jessica because she’s so toxic to her brand of women’s empowerment and anti-racism efforts. Jessica tried to fight these comments off one by one, then made her Instagram page private. Various cycles of this (calling out the “haters”, taking too much heat, going away from social media, coming back, calling out the “haters”, and so on) have happened in the few months since.

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