Is This Meghan’s Voice in an Ad Against Donald Trump?

Happy American election day! I’m Canadian, so I will spend my day the way most Canadians do on days of international importance: quietly worrying about the outcome for hours on end while not being able to contribute to said outcome in any meaningful way. This morning I told someone in passing that it’s like watching your next door neighbour’s house burn to the ground. I mean, it doesn’t impact me directly, but I still watch it with concern as my lungs take on some of the residual smoke.

Speaking of the American election, you might remember that Meghan and Harry found themselves in deep water a few weeks ago after advocating for voting during their Time 100 special speech on ABC. They both made subtle references to voting for change, but didn’t outright tell you to vote for Joe Biden. Harry also put his foot in it by saying (some would say complaining) about his inability to vote in his home country, due to his status as Crown prince of the United Kingdom. Harry and Meghan didn’t come off well in that speech. Meghan was said to be shocked and upset that her call to vote was met with criticism. She didn’t even tell anyone who to vote for, after all. But in the British Royal Family, even saying as much as Meghan said is a huge no-no.

Cut to yesterday, the day before the election. I was scrolling through my royal-heavy feed when Twitter user nancylee posted this video. The caption: “Is this Meghan narrating a video against [sic] President Trump??” Listen to the voice in the video (below).

Some things point to this being Meghan’s voice. The first:

It Sounds Like Her

Obviously. It doesn’t sound 100% like her to me, it’s as if her voice has been altered in some way to sound a little bit less Meghan-y. But the cadence is extremely similar. Check out these voiceover clips from the panned Disney documentary Elephant, narrated by Meghan, to compare.

The “Mirror” Reference

Some people on Twitter are saying that the video’s title, The Girl in the Mirror, is a subtle indication – an Easter egg, if you will – to Meghan’s Mirror, the fashion blog that reports on Meghan’s fashion choices and sells the items to the public through affiliated links ($). One of the most recent pieces on Meghan’s Mirror was this Ruth Bader Ginsburg t-shirt:

And guess who’s featured in the video:

Focus on Girls

One of Meghan’s primary philanthropic causes is supporting women and girls. So this video, which focuses on telling girls not to believe the horrible things that the president says about them, is really on brand for her.

The Lincoln Project

The video was posted by a group called the Lincoln Project. This is a group of powerful Republicans (with deep pockets) who are still members of the Republican Party but who are disgusted by President Trump and want to vote him out. They argue that having a decent Democratic president like Joe Biden is a much more reasonable choice than having Donald Trump represent them and their party for another four years.

In theory, Meghan could try to argue that this shields her from any accusation of partiality: she is (theoretically) narrating an ad paid for by Republicans in support of a Democrat. She is supporting not a specific party per se, but the idea of decency and morality being voted back into the White House. I don’t think this argument really works, but it might be what she argues if/when she is outed as having helped with this ad.

This argument will not hold water with the British Royal Family. After being taken to task for talking about the election in her and Harry’s Time speech, she was supposed to learn to not talk about politics at all. Full stop. If it turns out that instead of heeding this advice, she has done a voiceover (and presumably been paid by a political group) for a an ad trying to sway the US presidential election, Meghan will be done. If proof comes out that she did, in fact, narrate this ad, I can see the BRF stripping Meghan of her HRH, possibly even before the 12 month review next March. She could also lose her title (although this seems less likely). Harry, too, could lose his HRH. It would be an absolute bombshell if it came out that this is her voice.

Do you think it’s Meghan? I’m 95%-ish sure that it’s her, but I think there’s enough plausible deniability that she will be able to avoid getting caught out in it, unless she herself or the Lincoln Project releases proof of it.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe, wear a mask, and if you’re in America, PLEASE VOTE. Talk soon.

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