Harry and Meghan’s Cemetery Photoshoot Fallout – Part 2

Do you want some more details on the Sussexes’ publicity stunt to gain publicity/honour the war dead? Me neither, but here we are.

I don’t know how Harry and Meghan thought this stunt would work out well for them. They really do need to fire every single person on their team – PR, agents, advisors, everyone. Anyone who thought this was a good idea or even allowed it to happen should immediately be fired. The issue, of course, is that Harry and Meghan themselves seemed to think it was a good idea and did it. It boggles my mind. Every step they take down this path is another failure of common sense, another refusal to see past themselves, another aggravating inch into irrelevance. Here are some updates and analysis on the whole situation.

For those who didn’t read yesterday’s story on it, here’s the Coles Notes version:

Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday in the UK. When he was an official member of the royal family, Harry played a big part in Remembrance Sunday ceremonies in London because of his service in the armed forces and work with veterans. This normally included laying a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of various armed services. Harry asked the royal family if a wreath could be laid specifically in his name, not to represent an armed forces or veterans group, even though he isn’t a senior working royal anymore and he isn’t in the UK currently. It’s also against precedent for a anyone to lay a wreath on their own behalf. The Royal family said no to Harry’s request.

Instead of letting it lie, Harry and Meghan did the following:

  • Leaked a story to the tabloids about being denied the ability to have a wreath laid at the Cenotaph;
  • Shut down the Los Angeles National Cemetery, a veteran cemetery, and hired a photographer to take pictures of them placing a wreath there (even though Remembrance Sunday isn’t a thing in the States);
  • Released *seven* photos and accompanying information via their PR office to the UK tabloids, Harper’s Bazaar, and People Magazine;
  • Allegedly told Meghan’s Mirror about the clothing items Meghan was wearing so they could be sold via affiliate links for a profit (Meghan has been said to get a cut of these profits, unconfirmed);
  • Gotten upset at the inevitable media and Twitter backlash; and
  • Today, released another officially unofficial article in Elle Magazine painting themselves as victims just trying to do what’s right.

Here are some things that we learned about this debacle today:

Harry commissioned and paid £1000 for a UK Legion-made poppy wreath before asking to have it laid at the Cenotaph in London. He could have saved his money (or just donated the money/wreath to the Legion/any veteran organization) because it was a condition of his and Meghan’s split from the royal family in March that neither he nor Meghan would be allowed to take part in official royal family events in the manner that he did pre-March 2020. Here is a photo of the wreath that was commissioned. Harry’s mouthpieces took great pains to mention that it sat, unwanted, in a Legion basement yesterday when it could have been laid at the Cenotaph. My argument: Harry wasn’t refused the ability to lay that wreath yesterday. I’m sure he was told in advance that he wouldn’t be able to have it laid. So instead of giving the wreath to an organization that would have cherished it, where it could have meant something to service members and veterans, Harry let it sit in a basement and not be used. I don’t see Harry as the victim in this. He’s using service members for his own gain and it’s gross.

Carolyn Durand wrote an extremely flattering Elle article about the whole debacle, coming to the conclusion that Harry and Meghan are beyond reproach and the UK royal family are out for H&M’s blood for no reason at all. In other words, the article seems to be truly divorced from reality. The Elle article also includes an affiliate link that sends you to a website where you can buy Meghan’s Italian leather cemetery shoes ($700 US).

The article also helpfully points out that Meghan’s Cartier watch cost $7000 US and is similar to one that used to belong to Princess Diana and which she was gifted from Harry.

Side note: Meghan’s Mirror has Meghan’s entire cemetery outfit on its website, with handy affiliate links in case you’re in the market for a $4300 Brandon Maxwell coat dress. Meghan’s Mirror helpfully says about the coat, which Meghan wore while paying tribute to men and women who died for freedom:

Brandon Maxwell’s coat is so glamorous, it’s easily mistakable for an evening gown upon first glance. Meghan chose a coat from Brandon Maxwell to observe Remembrance Sunday in Los Angeles in 2020.

I know that when I go to a cemetery to honour the war dead, I like to be mistaken for someone wearing an evening gown. You know, rows of graves and formal eveningwear. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Please, for the love of God, someone save them from themselves.

But let’s get back to the Elle article written by Carolyn Durand. This is where things really go off the rails:

Harry does not enjoy widespread admiration in the States for any reason, let alone for his military service. I doubt that the majority of Americans even know Harry served in the armed forces. Also, it is INSANE to suggest that Harry has arguably “done more for the military community in the United Kingdom with the exception of Her Majesty the Queen herself.” That is bonkers. Prince Philip renounced his Greek citizenship and title of Prince of Greece and Denmark to become a British naval officer, for one. Don’t try this, Carolyn.

The article also makes sure to mention that Harry has a relationship with Joe Biden. You know, the guy who just won the presidency of the United States.

This is a pretty clear move on Harry and Meghan’s part to be accepted into the new presidential administration, whether officially or unofficially. I have heard rumours that Meghan is going to try to run for Kamala Harris’s soon-to-be-vacant California Senate seat, as a first step toward her own presidential run in a few campaign cycles. Even if she doesn’t end up doing this, however, Harry and Meghan are desperate to be included in the new Democratic elite. They want to attend State dinners (this will piss off Harry’s family, and it seems like H is out for blood). They want to link up their new nonprofit, Archewell, with programs tied to the new White House. They want to be on the cover of People wearing evening gowns (sometimes not at cemeteries!). This is the first step to doing that.

We can also talk about Omid Scobie for another hot sec.

Harry and Meghan left the royal family. They decided to leave it behind to begin private lives. They didn’t go to that cemetery as royals, they went to that cemetery as B-list celebrities who wanted to get on the front page of the tabloids they claim to hate. They hired a photographer and had their press office SEND THE PICTURES TO THE TABLOIDS. For a couple who left the royal family to get away from the evil UK media, they sure spend a lot of time/money/energy to send pictures of themselves to it.

I’m not sure if they have even thought of this, but Meghan is suing Associated Newspapers for invasion of privacy. She is arguing that in most respects she is a private citizen and should be afforded privacy. So how does that measure up with her representatives sending the tabloids she’s suing pictures of herself? How on earth could she argue that she is entitled to privacy when she wants it, but also should be given all due respect and attention as a celebrity – as long as it’s done in a way she has approved?

Furthermore, Meghan’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers now hinges on her lawyers swearing that she does not have a special relationship with Omid Scobie, in which he gets special information and tidbits from “sources close to the couple”. If that’s the case, how did Omid get quotes for his Harper’s Bazaar story about laying the wreath in LA yesterday? If you were spending a couple million dollars on a lawsuit where one of the premises is “I don’t give Omid Scobie information about myself”, wouldn’t you try a little harder to hide the fact that you’re giving information to him? Still? I don’t know.

To sum up, it’s a massive mess and they would be better served throwing hundred dollar bills into a fire pit than paying their current agents and press staff. It’s sort of fascinating that every single move they make is somehow wrong on multiple levels.

I have a feeling that this is going to get worse before it gets better. It seems like they’re in for a penny, in for a pound.

Thanks for reading. This was a real bummer. Stay safe and wear a mask.

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