Weekly Royal Roundup

Y’all, it’s been a busy one. Where do we even start?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary. They released a photo of them looking at a card they received from Will and Kate’s kids. There was no mention of Harry or Meghan offering congratulations. Wouldn’t be surprised if “someone” in America leaks that Harry and Meghan offered private congrats over the phone or Zoom in the coming days. Next!

Meghan Markle’s privacy lawsuit against The Mail on Sunday is still going. This week the Justice overseeing the case ruled that Thomas Markle isn’t important enough to have to come to London to give witness testimony (LOL) and also that he isn’t allowed to know why the trial start date was delayed by nine months, presumably because he would leak it to the press. (Double LOL). I’ll do a separate update on this.

Prince Harry “went incognito” by volunteering at a veterans support initiative in Compton. By “went incognito” I mean “didn’t bring his own photographer that we know of but agreed to let the charity post photos of him volunteering on its Instagram page as damage control for the LA National Cemetery Remembrance Sunday photoshoot”.

Some really interesting facts about this photo/situation:

Meghan was nowhere to be found. Does this mean that she/her PR advisors understand that she needs some time out of the spotlight in order to build back her image?

This shows that Harry/Meghan/their team at Sunshine Sachs are *trying* to get it right but are still unable to see how attention-seeking they are coming off as. Volunteering is good. Not hiring your own photographer to document it is good. Not releasing pictures yourself is good.

But then agreeing to let the charity post photos and a caption about it after the fact still stinks of opportunism and strategy. The correct strategy for something like this would be:

  1. Pick one or two charities that you want to support for the next 1-3 years minimum.
  2. Volunteer with them on a consistent (weekly, biweekly) basis.
  3. Do not invite any cameras. If the charity asks permission to post about you or take a picture, politely decline. Offer a sizeable donation to the organization (in addition to the in person volunteering) and send a handwritten note to the charity saying that you’re appreciative of the work they do and you appreciate them letting you contribute in a quiet way to their organization.
  4. Don’t pick a charity in LA to support. We know you live in Montecito and that you drive 2 hours or take a short private jet flight to go there, so it tells us that you’re doing this to look good, not just to do good.

Meghan’s PR strategy has been anything but quiet. It has been in your face and very blatant. That might get you some fame today, but it’s not a good long term strategy. She also has a history of volunteering at dozens of charities once and then never going back. The right way to do it is to pick a few orgs and to dedicate your time getting to know them and help them in a quiet, intimate way. I hope they figure this out. I also hope they fire Sunshine Sachs soon. Next!

Prince William voiced his support for the BBC investigation into whether Martin Bashir and the news show Panorama tricked Diana into giving them an interview 25 years ago. Again, I plan to write a lengthy blog post about this whole kerfuffle, but I haven’t had a couple of hours to dedicate to it lately. Soon!

And finally, a possible prediction.

Barack Obama’s book A Promised Land was released this week. It’s 768 pages and he says there are more volumes coming.

There has been a pretty heavy press tour happening for the book, and he has been giving interviews to people like NPR’s Terry Gross and Oprah. As his book publisher pushes for massive Christmas sales, I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan interviewed President Obama in some format in the next six weeks. I haven’t heard any rumours of this, but it makes sense to me. Two of America’s most prominent people of colour in conversation about the state of America right now?

Let’s see if it happens.

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