Weekly Royal Roundup

Happy Sunday. I hope you’re staying safe and wearing a mask. Let’s get into this week in royal land:

Kate made her biggest speech yet as a royal

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, unveiled the findings from her ambitious, nationwide 5 Big Questions survey that was launched in January of this year. 5 Big Questions was spearheaded by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and focuses on Kate’s major philanthropic focus: early years. (Early years is a term that encompasses all aspects of childhood, from a person’s pregnancy to children turning five years of age.)

More than 500,000 people responded to the survey, and the results were released by the duchess this week. This massive data set will become the foundation on which Kate’s philanthropic work re: early years is built over the coming months, years, and (her words!) generations. She’s in it for the long haul.

This week, Kate gave arguably her most important speech since having become a member of the royal family in 2011. She released several video speeches and Q&A sessions this week as part of the survey findings rollout, and it was seen as an “I have arrived” moment. Gone are the days of shy, fumbling Kate. She has taken the last 9 years of married/royal life and really come into her own. And to show how much more comfortable and confident she’s become since her first public speech as a royal in 2012, she even wore the same outfit that she wore at that first speech eight years ago for one of her recorded speeches this week. This woman is either brilliant at political strategy, has a world-class PR team, or both (I think it’s both).

The other thing I want to draw attention to is Kate’s adorable and just-down-to-earth-enough video in which she answers Instagram questions about early years and her charitable work. She seems very comfortable. She’s willing to laugh at herself, ask for experts’ help, and wear a fun pussy bow shirt. AND it gives us the very giffable moment of Kate reading and scrolling through Instagram. Highly recommend watching.

Peep that it was posted on the Royal Family Youtube page. Queen in the making.

People continue to say lovely/horrible things about Meghan’s miscarriage

Depending on which section of the Internet you’re on, Meghan is either the best or worst thing that has ever happened to the monarchy. (Neither is true.) I have been heartwarmed to see the messages of support for Meghan and people who have suffered pregnancy and child loss. I’ve also been horrified at the things that Meghan has been called and the allegations that have been levelled at her.

As I said in previous posts, do I think she strategically put this piece out at a time that would garner her the most sympathy? 100% yes. Did she put out the piece because she knew it would take away from Kate, who was announcing her biggest philanthropic project to date this week? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. But she is also deserving of compassion and empathy for her loss. Nuance!

People are still mad about The Crown

We’ve been through it. It’s historical fiction. The vibe is accurate, the conversations are not. And speaking of The Crown! People who watched the series and are furious at Charles and Camilla for their actions during Charles’s marriage to Diana spammed their social media accounts so much that they had to turn off the comments on their Twitter account.

Fun story related to this: a news article about Charles and Camilla and how they’ve come out of decades of adversity to end up strong and together and more in love than ever popped up on Facebook. A cousin sent me a screenshot of my beloved (relation)’s comment underneath the article: “She’s a witch.” Strong opinions about the royals are in my blood, apparently.

Eugenie and Jack moved into Frogmore Cottage

Meghan and Harry really want you to know that they and the UK are never getting back together. (Like, ever.)

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