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Now let’s get to this week’s royal stories.

Harry and Meghan’s podcast empire was announced

There’s a whole post about this on the blog, click here to read it.

Three different blind items are hinting at Harry/Meghan divorce rumours

Here are the blind items, which were all posted on DeuxMoi, Blind Gossip, and

From Blind Gossip:

We are hearing that this actress’ marriage is over!

Her most famous gig was a principal role on a successful TV series that ran for several seasons.

In the past couple of years, though, her personal life and her behavior have received the lion’s share of the attention.

They had a very big and very beautiful wedding complete with celebrity guests.

This was followed by the birth of a baby.

The whole engagement/wedding/pregnancy/birth happened in a relatively short period of time and should have been a very happy period of their lives.

Unfortunately, our actress found herself mired in controversy… much of it of her own making.

People seem to either really love her or really hate her, and the criticism of her behavior has been overwhelming.

Although our actress has a big ego and normally loves attention, this can’t be the kind of attention she had in mind. 

While we do not know the exact reason for the breakup of her marriage, the criticism must have been stressful for her husband, too.

It’s been a rough year. They are trying to work out the details of the divorce before making any sort of announcement.

We do not know exactly when that announcement is coming. However, this whole relationship moved along so quickly that we would not surprised if the divorce takes longer than their actual marriage!

From DeuxMoi:

A third site has come out with gossip about a Harry and Meghan divorce, saying that Meghan had been planning on announcing the separation publicly in November. It also stated that Harry has been cheating on Meghan with the singer Adele. (This rumour has been going around for months.) Nothing confirmed and the site seemed iffy, so that’s why I’m not linking to it or posting the quotes from it.

Do I think Harry and Meghan are going to divorce? Without a doubt. But I don’t think they’re at that point yet. They’re basically still in a honeymoon phase. I can’t see the marriage breaking up for at least another 1-2 years. And maybe I’m totally wrong and they’ll be together for 60 years. But I’m not banking on it. This is my own personal opinion, but I feel like once the COVID pandemic is over and they’re able to be flashy and go to public outings and announce best documentary at the Oscars and rub shoulders with Hollywood elites, the shine will wear off pretty quickly.

Also, and I mean this respectfully, once they’ve told their royal stories at a few dinner parties, what are Harry and Meghan bringing to the table in terms of society in California? Meghan in particular only had a couple of years in the BRF. A divorce would provide a whole new round of press and celebrity interest for MM. Then a book deal (I called this a year ago, but I would bet my life on MM’s future autobiography being called “Declaration of Independence”), a Vanity Fair cover, and she’s back in business as an actress. As for Harry, I can’t see him do anything but come back into the fold of the BRF. It’s up to Charles and Will to decide how fully he’ll be welcomed back.

On a purely personal note, I think Harry is homesick. I also think that when a tragic event happens in the next few years (his grandfather turns 100 next year, let’s be realistic), that could lead Harry (whether he’s married or single when it happens) to reevaluate whether he wants to be thousands of miles away from the majority of his family.

So, to sum up: the divorce is coming, but I think these gossip items are premature. Time will tell.

Meghan settled with a photo agency that took pap photos of her and Archie in British Columbia

The photo agency apologized and paid Meghan an undisclosed amount of money. Not much else to say on it. Here’s an authorized, cute photo of Meghan and Archie.

Photo credit: The Duke of Sussex / @SaveChildrenUK

We officially got some holiday cards!

I showed you leaked photos last week (photos of the cards that people had received in the mail, not actual *leaked* photos), but these are better resolution, so fill your boots*.

*If you don’t understand, Google it!

A Jeffrey Epstein co-conspirator was arrested this week

Hopefully this means we’re one person closer to Prince Andrew being held responsible for his crimes. Fingers crossed.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy 2020 is almost done thank whatever/whomever you pray to. Stay safe, wear a mask.

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