Meghan wears a parka, Will and Kate (maybe?) break the rules

Kate, Will, and Edward and Sophie Wessex are in mildly warm water this morning, after the Daily Mail published pictures of them and their families doing a Christmas-themed walk on the Sandringham estate.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail.

I say mildly warm water because the rules around groups of people and visiting outdoors in England haven’t been extremely clear. The Sandringham estate lies in a Tier 2 area, which means that groups of six outside are prohibited. There has been discussion of whether this group of six would count children. Additionally, the tier levels keep changing for different areas depending on the spread of COVID-19 in different areas of the UK. Here are the rules for Sunday, December 20 for the area including the Sandringham estate. This was sent to me by @twice_doris on Twitter – thank you!

To me, it looks like the trouble with interpreting this government order lies within the placement of the language around children. In Tier 2, you are not allowed to socialize in a group of more than six people. The Tier 2 paragraph doesn’t state whether or not children should be counted in the six. However, the Tier 3 paragraph does specify that children do count toward the group of six people. Presumably, if that sentence applied to the Tier 2 paragraph, wouldn’t it be stated there too? Or the “This limit of 6 includes children of any age” would be in a separate paragraph that explains this rule applies to all tiers? It’s very confusing.

Either way, two things are pretty clear: 1. This isn’t the smoking gun that the Daily Mail hoped it would be; and 2. Will, Kate, Edward, and Sophie don’t appear to have been flouting the rules deliberately. I think that they thought they were okay, they were following the rules, they were outside, and they were being relatively cautious. If we’re being kind to the Cambridges and Wessexes, we could say that the rules are so confusing that not even two royal houses and their staff could understand them and follow them correctly. If we’re being unkind, they were being careless and minimally breaking the rules. Tell me what you guys think.

In other news, Meghan and Harry were spotted out and about on Sunday in Beverly Hills. Very oddly, Meghan was dressed as if she was in Toronto in February. She was wearing a wool J Crew parka, knee high leather boots, and knit beanie. But the weather in Beverly Hills on Sunday was 27 degrees Celsius (sue me, I’m Canadian), or 81 degrees Fahrenheit. For contrast, I live in a place where it was -3 Celsius/26 Fahrenheit yesterday, and I didn’t wear a parka or a beanie or knee high boots yesterday. So I don’t think Meghan is wearing the coat because she’s chilly.

Page Six/ Stoianov / LESE / BACKGRID

An interesting note: As soon as the pictures leaked to Page Six (we can talk about the Sussexes and Page Six another time), the blog Meghan’s Mirror had already identified the coat and put up an affiliate link so you can buy it and they can make a percentage commission off it. Seriously. As of the writing of this post, the Page Six article was live 16 hours ago, and Meghan’s Mirror put up its affiliate link…16 hours ago.

I have a couple of guesses as to why Meghan is wearing a huge winter coat in the middle of Beverly Hills. The first you can guess, if you put 2 and 2 together.

The second is that Meghan knows that it’s the week of Christmas. She knows that her name moves product like nobody’s business. It’s also the beginning of the winter season (the cold winter season for people who don’t live in California). So why not model a J Crew parka and a knit beanie, have Meghan’s Mirror put up some affiliate links, and make a little money throughout the winter from people who want to look like an American princess? It makes sense. It also makes sense with the messages I’ve gotten about Meghan’s Mirror. I’ll leave it at that.

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2 thoughts on “Meghan wears a parka, Will and Kate (maybe?) break the rules

  1. Wow, the rules in England are confusing! To be honest, they are confusing everywhere. I’m a stickler for rules, and I seriously don’t think they did anything wrong. They’re outside, walking at a distance, by all accounts they seemed surprised to see one another, and are trying to enjoy something festive for their kids. I don’t call the police for anyone who is talking to someone outdoors at a distance or have their noses exposed when mask mandates are in effect. Just worry about yourself and stay healthy.

    Meghan’s outfit is hilariously over the top. As a Canadian, I agree with you. -3C and it’s either a sweater OR jacket, usually no toque. She makes me sweat just looking at that photo!


  2. Hi, I read that the meeting between the Cambridges and the Wessexes wasn’t planned, they happened to meet there and continued together. Maybe they should have just said “Hello, how are you?”, to each other and continue separately, don’t know how this atraction works but maybe one group could have gone ahead first and the other one wait until the first group was out? Who knows, but the UK rules are confusing and I don’t blame the locals if they get upset because their goverment has made a mess with the new strain and changing the rules, so seeing anyone breaking the norms can be upsetting. As for Meghan, I changed my mind, after seeing the pics I think she might be pregnant, some people don’t think so (then again, many of those think she faked being pregnant with Archie, which I don’t think so). That said, there is certainly a commercial element here with promoting her outfit (surely there are others outfits that can help hide a pregnancy and are more weather appropiate?), and it seems she doesn’t realize this doesn’t endear her to the public (or maybe doesn’t care / has enough fans to not care).


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