The Archewell Website isn’t just a Landing Page Anymore

A surprise letter popped up today. It came today in the form of the landing page for Harry and Meghan’s philanthropic endeavour, Archewell.

Before today, the Archewell website was only one page – a landing site with a definition of the words that make up Archewell, with an email subscription button to be kept in the loop. But now the website has sections about the charitable foundation, as well as Harry and Meghan’s production companies for TV and audio programming (in partnership with Netflix and Spotify, respectively). Let’s go through the website (it’s not long) and see what we find.

The first thing you see when you go to now is a letter from Harry and Meghan. The main thoughts I’ve heard from people about this letter are twofold. The first is “What does any of this even mean?”. The second is “Wow, a bit harsh to not mention Prince Charles at all.”

On the first point, it appears to be a jumble of buzzwords about help and community and love over evil. Basically, platitudes that you could lay over any situation and have it still sort of make sense. And on that note, to me it sounds like a half-baked announcement that someone is running for office. If you google “political campaign kickoff announcement template”, this letter would show up. Even the “I’m my mom’s son” is so folksy and American. Reread it in Michelle or Barack Obama’s voice. It’s eating some deep fried butter at the state fair. It’s a campaign kickoff.

Second: talking about how Harry is Diana’s son and how Meghan is Archie’s mother is…interesting. There are also photos of Meghan and her mom and Harry and his mom on the front page of the website, in the background. A big focus on women and mothers. To me, it looks like they’re emphasizing the members of their family who are/would be the most supportive of their break from the royal family. Diana spoke out about the BRF and lost her HRH after the divorce. Doria, while supporting Meghan, has been with Harry and Meghan at every step of their separation from the BRF. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a subtle repudiation of the life they left in March. And it’s another nail in the coffin for the idea that they would ever go back to official royal life.

This is where we really get to dig in. A big question about Harry and Meghan’s charity and how it will interact with their production companies is: Where does “help others” end and “putting money in their own pockets” begin? It appears we have our answer below:

From this, I understand that the Archewell nonprofit will make money through donations/fundraising and will distribute that money to worthy causes that Harry and Meghan choose. This could be the organizations below, or any other organization.

The really interesting part is that they are clearly saying that Archewell Productions and Archewell Audio are not charitable entities and that money earned through them will not necessarily go to the Archewell Foundation. They call the audio and production companies businesses! These companies will achieve “creative activations” for the charity – aka, we will talk about the Archewell nonprofit and the good we’re doing with it, but the $200ish million we got from Spotify and Netflix goes directly to us with no strings and no indication that any of it will go to charity. I wonder if other people/news outlets will pick up on this? It’s sort of what I expected them to do, but I didn’t expect them to actually write it out on their website, lol.

The Archewell Foundation page is the most populated on the website. It has a short mission statement, indicates its US nonprofit status (aka if you donate to us you’ll get a tax break), and shows five charities that it intends to help or work with moving forward. It’s nothing earth shattering. I haven’t had time to check out the listed charities in any real way, but will likely do so in the future. I’m sure newspaper interns are looking for dirt on them as we speak. I hope they’re all legit and doing good in the world, and that H&M’s team did thorough vetting before associating themselves with them.

Final thoughts:

  • They’re already getting slammed in the press for “hating dads” and “turning his back on Prince Charles.”
  • It’s a stark contrast from Will and Kate, who did work and a Zoom call with brand new dads who want/need mental health support. I know what H&M are trying to do, but you can’t be ra-ra feminism and intentionally leave men out. That’s not feminism. It’s lazy and gross.
  • A super smart reader messaged and said that she thinks the lack of Charles’s name is due to a clause in their separation agreement with the royal family stating that they’re not allowed to mention him. Aka “keep my name out your mouth”, in a legal document. Excellent, excellent point. But even so, they could have kept it out and still not gone so hard in favour of only moms/put pictures of their moms on the front page of the site? Seems deliberate?
  • The UCLA charity blurb mentions public policy. It’s “I want to be a politician in three to five years” 101. Meghan is using this to help test her chances for running for office.
  • Do you think it’s disingenuous to make their charity name the same as their for-profit production companies? It sort of implies that by watching their Netflix content or by listening to their podcasts, you’re supporting a charity. But you’re not.

Let me know what you think. Stay safe and wear a mask.

4 thoughts on “The Archewell Website isn’t just a Landing Page Anymore

  1. Hi, Happy New Year again! Your analysis is so good. I hadn’t really thought about how the “I’m my mother’s son” was such a USA way of speaking, I mean I have heard that type of phrase plenty of times in my life but didn’t think is was more used in the USA than in other English speaking countries, I guessed I’m too used to USA TV and movies lol. I also agree that this wording along with the phrase about Meghan being Archie’s mother is weird, it doesn’t match / rhymes to me. I didn’t think much about the no mention of Charles but I did see the comments about it and like your follower, I did thought it could be a Megxit clause. Speaking of Megxit, I know I’m reaching here, but sometimes I do wonder if Harry is doing all this to get revenge on what the BRF did to his mother. It is claimed that leaving the BRF idea came from him and that the word “Megxit” infuriates him (which if true is the reason why I say he’s not naive or manipulated, he’s more manipulative than he gets credit for, and he used her to leave the BRF instead of doing it while single, not caring that any wife would be blamed by the media for this decision, like it has happened). But even if Meghan also wanted to leave because of her own reasons / is using him, what if he deciding to leave the BRF is part of a plan to get revenge on them, he needed a partner for it, and Meghan accepted because of her own reasons / agenda? Them he wouldn’t be manipulating or using her, it would be a cooperation with the goal of hurting the BRF as much as possible, and the only one who might have gotten some consideration or be excluded from this revenge, William, lost that grace when it became obvious he had no intention of getting revenge or demanding some internal compensation or apology for what happened to Diana (don’t know if Kate would have gotten some exception but she’s William’s wife so at the end that ties her treatment to him). It’s just a theory, but I have wondered about it. I agree with your observation about feminism, you can achieve change if you exclude / don’t support the other half of the population. I do think is disingenuous to start with the same word a charity and two businesses, totally on purpose that they all start with the same name, no intention of avoiding people thinking that consuming what they sell will go to charity when that is not the case, is not like they couldn’t have named them differently.

    PS: I made a mistake the other day, the Kitty Kelley book is callez The Royals not the Windsors.

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    1. Ooh, fascinating to think about Harry wanting to “get revenge” on the BRF for doing what they did to his mother. If Will wants to be king, he had to go full-force into supporting the BRF and that means not speaking against it. But Harry could be willing to burn it down to see some justice for his mom and to get his own child/ren away from any of the negative aspects of The Firm. Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments, as always!


  2. Your analysis is very good. I had to read the first paragraph on their website a few times to get the gist of it. It doesn’t flow and is very awkward to read. What’s glaring to me is they essentially indicate that fathers don’t have compassion or kindness. Isn’t Harry a father? Does he not realize that he just excluded himself from his own compassion narrative? Not all fathers are demons and not all mothers are saints. I thought they’d get ridiculed for this, and of course they have. It amazes me that they have so many PR people working for them, but no one catches these things (or they just don’t listen to the PR gurus).
    I don’t have any issues with the causes they are championing, but now that they are named, why wouldn’t you just donate to those causes directly instead of your money being pocketed by wealthy foundations? I also wish they would support Aboriginal causes, but maybe that will be further down the road.
    One interesting thing I noted was under “World Central Kitchen” how they are starting in “Commonwealth country of Dominica, and Puerto Rico.” It seemed odd that they threw in “Commonwealth” when most Americans (of who the website is directed towards) aren’t familiar with that term.

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    1. Happy New Year, Lyla! Awesome points here. I agree about the fathers issue – so strange, and I don’t know what their goal was with it. Was it to focus on mothers and women in general? Or to throw shade on their own fathers? Or both? I honestly don’t think they know. And great catch with the Commonwealth mention, I didn’t pick that up! Seems like they wrote it that way knowing that The Firm would read it. Seems petty to me.


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