Weekly Royal Roundup

Hi, friends! I’ve missed you. A fair bit to talk about from the last week, so let’s get into it.

Camilla started a book club that’s not called a book club

I think this is actually a great use of Camilla’s time and talent. She has created a project called The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room. The project involves Camilla choosing four books each season and then having the authors of the chosen books on for Instagram Live chats with her. It’s much less structured than an actual book club, I think to make it feel like less of a chore for people. I like that. They are also calling it a reading room presumably because they don’t want to draw any comparisons to a for-profit like Oprah’s or Reese’s respective book clubs.

The reading room is focusing on British and Commonwealth authors, which is another stroke of genius. I’ll be critical of Camilla when she deserves it, but this idea is quite nice. And the state of the world is crappy enough right now. I don’t have to call something bad when it’s lovely. This is pretty lovely.

Also, the first book that she chose, The Mirror & The Light, is 754 pages. Camilla was like: Oh, you want to read Eat, Pray, Love? WELL THIS ISN’T THE PLACE FOR THAT. Now get a solid bookmark and pull up a cozy chair and read this TOME. As a fellow voracious reader and petty bish, I respect it.

You can follow Camilla’s reading room here:

More on QEII and Prince Philip’s vaccinations

This week, we learned that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are not going to reveal when they get their second COVID-19 vaccination shots. This lack of reveal actually reveals something that we didn’t know: that the shots that were announced last weekend were their first doses of a vaccination, and not their second.

The couple’s second vaccinations will not be made public because that would indicate which vaccine Her Majesty and His Royal Highness had. There was a little bit of talk about the couple possibly having waited for the Oxford University/Astra Zenica vaccine to be approved because it’s the one that was developed in the United Kingdom. But, I believe it was Russell Myers of ITV who pointed out that if Her Majesty and His Royal Highness reveal which vaccine they got, regular citizens would definitely have a preference for that vaccine and would probably get cranky and demand it at vaccination centres. No one wants that. An approved vaccine is an approved vaccine. If it’s approved, it works. And no one is getting a royal patent for having been the vaccine of HM and HRH. I know I sound like a broken record, but if you’re reading this and you’re on the fence: just get the damn vaccine!

Tangentially related: Prince William said on a charity Zoom call this week that he’s very proud of his grandparents for having gotten vaccinated, and he urged people his age to get their grandparents vaccinated.

That is nice and good PR and not exciting or surprising. “Nice and good PR and not exciting or surprising” could be Will and Kate’s memoir title. No shade! They’re very good at their jobs. Next!

Meghan’s letter lawsuit could be over this week (but I hope not)

Meghan’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers will reach another milestone later this week. A hearing regarding Meghan seeking a summary judgement on the case was supposed to happen on January 11, but it was pushed to two days next week. (I believe it’s January 19 and 20, but this could have changed in the last few days and I don’t have 100% confirmation).

This is the gist: the full, in person trial about Meghan’s dad selling a letter she wrote him to a tabloid, which will include start witness testimony and a huge amount of mess, is currently scheduled for October of this year. However, Meghan’s lawyers have asked for the judge to make a full judgement (a summary judgement) on the case in Meghan’s favour so that the whole case will be put to bed this week. I highly doubt that Justice Warby, the judge assigned to this case, will award Meghan a summary judgement this week. The most likely outcome is that the answer will be “No, see you in October for the full trial.” But if we’re lucky, Justice Warby’s ruling statement will have some juicy tidbits on the trial. I will give you a full post about this summary judgement hearing as soon as I know anything this week.

Odds and ends

  • I’m hearing that People Magazine has an exclusive interview and first official photograph shoot with Harry and Meghan, but I have no clue if it’s true or when it’s happening. I’d heard that a photoshoot was imminent and would likely come around Archie’s birthday (in early May), but this rumour seems to have pushed up the timeline.
  • Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York has “written” a romance novel with a UK imprint similar to Harlequin. It’s called Her Heart for a Compass. I sincerely hope that Meghan and Harry are never in financial straits to warrant Meghan writing a romance novel. I hope it with all of my heart (no compass).
  • Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank have moved out of Frogmore Cottage and into Royal Lodge with Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. This boggles my mind. Eugenie and Beatrice both boggle my mind. Their parents are some of the most toxic people in the United Kingdom. Even if they love their parents, you don’t have to live with them! You’re in your thirties! What are you thinking????? I don’t want to judge Beatrice or Eugenie for having awful parents, because they didn’t choose to have awful parents. But they are torpedoing their public image by continuing to be so closely associated with them. Move into a different f***ing house!

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