Weekly Royal Roundup

This week’s royal news was all over the place. Plus, a baffling new portrait from Monaco’s royal family.

Prince Harry says he and Meghan hate social media but also that social media can be amazing

This week, Fast Company published a Q&A with Prince Harry about the role technology and social media are playing in isolation, extremism, and real-world violence. I’ll write more about it in a full post, but here are two quotes from the interview:

I was really surprised to witness how my story had been told one way, my wife’s story had been told one way, and then our union sparked something that made the telling of that story very different.

That false narrative became the mothership for all of the harassment you’re referring to. It wouldn’t have even begun had our story just been told truthfully.

Prince Harry to Fast Company, January 2021

Okay. So Harry and Meghan being upset with how they were portrayed in the media was the catalyst to make online hate their main philanthropic endeavour. I think some people could see this, and Harry and Meghan’s actions around social media, as really egoistical and privileged behaviour. I’m going to write a full post about it, so I will discuss it there.

The second quote is:

We have seen time and again what happens when the real-world cost of misinformation is disregarded. There is no way to downplay this. There was a literal attack on democracy in the United States, organised on social media, which is an issue of violent extremism. It is widely acknowledged that social media played a role in the genocide in Myanmar and was used as a vehicle to incite violence against the Rohingya people, which is a human rights issue. And in Brazil, social media provided a conduit for misinformation which ultimately brought destruction to the Amazon, which is an environmental and global health issue.

Prince Harry to Fast Company, January 2021

I agree with what he’s saying. But he’s not walking the talk. Less than a year ago, Meghan was a paid speaker at an online conference at which Facebook Chief Operating Officer and Certified Terrible Person Sheryl Sandberg also spoke. Harry and Meghan keep saying sort of the right things, but their actions only reflect self-interest. Stay tuned for a full post about it. Now, to something altogether more fun:


Prince Charles celebrated the Red Squirrel Survival Trust by releasing this photo and quote. I’m obsessed with both. The surprise reveal that SQUIRRELS ARE IN HIS HOUSE IN SCOTLAND? It’s a sedation vacation for my brain. Thank you, Your Royal Highness.

Prince Harry showed up at the US presidential inauguration (kind of)

Check out this photo of now-President Biden and Bill and Hillary Clinton Arlington National Cemetery on Inauguration Day. They were there to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Now look to the right.

Zoom and enhance!

It’s Prince Harry! Some sleuths tracked down the original photo and apparently it was one of Harry laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery in 2013. So the photograph wasn’t blown up and placed there because of the inauguration. It has been there for some time. I bet Harry was THRILLED with this. I have no idea if it was intentional (you’d have to be pretty slick to think of this and then *happen* to release one pic and have some eagle eyed fans spot it? But all of that stuff did happen so I don’t know?????). But even if it wasn’t, it feeds into Harry’s narrative of “Poor me, all I want to do is serve my country and my gran won’t even let me lay a wreath in the UK, so I will be loyal to my new home, America, which appreciates me and displays photos of me at national sites of importance.” If this wasn’t planned, Harry should buy a lottery ticket, because he is the luckiest person in the world.

Will and Kate did some Zoom calls at Sandringham

The calls were pretty run of the mill. Typical COVID war effort stuff. The biggest news is that Kate and Will were given use of some of the Queen’s rooms at Sandringham House to do Zoom calls. This resulted in a lot of icky women-directed articles implying that Anmer Hall is just TOO SMALL and TOO FULL OF CHILDREN to be able to do work, so of course Will and Kate needed to drive to another mansion nearby to have some peace and get some work done.

I don’t think that was what Will and Kate were trying to say. For the record: Anmer Hall is massive and Will and Kate have plenty of space for their three kids AND nannies to the kids occupied while they work. To suggest otherwise would be an insult to the working parents in the United Kingdom (some in 1 or 2 bedroom flats!) who manage to work while ensuring that their kids are happy and still learning. Will and Kate’s advisors are smart enough not to piss people off like that.

I personally think Will and particularly Kate chose to do this call from Sandringham to show that they are extremely in with the Queen. Actually, I think the Queen probably suggested it and Kate said, “Thank you very much, I will wear a white collared shirt and a business blazer, Ma’am.” Is it possible that the Queen offered this perk to Will and Kate, not knowing that the optics might look terrible (if your estate is loud, please feel free to use my empty estate”)? Yes. Is is probable that Will and Kate were too afraid to explain how bad the optics would look to Her Majesty, so they just said “Thank you very much” and did it anyway? 100% yes. Let me know what you think.

And, finally:

Monaco’s royal family released a portrait that will haunt your dreams


  1. Why does Princess Charlene have a death grip on both of her children?
  2. Why do the royal children have to have the same haircut as their mother?
  3. For being a rich 62 year old man, why does Prince Albert look 83?
  4. What is Princess Charlene’s necklace about?
  5. Why is Prince Jacques in a scaled down version of his father’s suit?
  6. Why is Princess Gabriella dressed like she’s in The Sound of Music?

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One thought on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, I’m going to comment the Monaco photo first because that was histerical. I don’t know about Charlene’s death grip, but I do know she no longer has that haircut, her most recent haircut is from around NYE and is part a buzz cut on one side of her hair, it caused a conmotion and she was asked about it in an interview and she basically said her children liked it and she doesn’t pay attention to people’s opinion. After his 20s, Prince Albert has always looked older than he should be, like Prince Williams he didn’t put hair implants, and with the weight gains that age brings well, he looks older than he is. Princess Charlene necklace is distracting, maybe in another occasion it would have worked. Not surprised their son is in a mini suit, it seems to be a Monaco thing, Prince Albert also has pictures like that from when he was a child and also Princess Caroline sons would be suited during the National Day when childreb (though that might be the appropriate moment, I don’t know). As for the rest, I think the US media made too much of a big deal about Harry’s photo in Arlington Cemetery. Unless someone can demonstrate it was placed there just before the inauguration, it had been in that wall for years (which makes sense because of his 2013 visit). Whether someone made Biden and the Clintons pose there so part of the pic would appear in the shot, is possible but their attitude in the resulting photo doesn’t look staged, all points out it was spontaneous and just a coincidence, so Harry really is lucky it seems. As for the Sandrigham zoom meetings, that’s another thing where I feel people go nuts over nothing, I didn’t know about it until I read it here but if I had read about it before I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, why does everything has to have some hidden lecture, they are just doing their representation job. Like you said most likely they were offered the opportunity to do a zoom meeting from there to also show they work with the Queen’s blessing and that as far as it goes in hidden meaning. I don’t know, I guess there is people trying to create new controversies.

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