Harry and Meghan had a busy week

There was a lot on the go for Harry and Meghan this week, so much so that I thought it deserved its own post.

Harry drove around LA on a double decker bus with James Corden

On Friday, pictures and video came out of British talk show host James Corden, Prince Harry, and a camera crew rolling through Los Angeles on a massive, double decker tourist bus. I can only imagine that this appearance will be featured on Corden’s Late Late Show, either as a Carpool Karaoke or some other kind of segment.

James Corden famously attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018. Per Finding Freedom (and therefore probably from Meghan and Harry themselves), Corden also hosted the private wedding reception for H&M at Frogmore House.

Here are some fun things to think about re: Harry and James’s shoot:

  • Re: conservation, how many miles per gallon does a double decker tour bus get?
  • Isn’t the SuperBowl on CBS, the same channel that airs James’s Late Late Show? Is this actually for some CBS SuperBowl content? I’m writing this as the SuperBowl starts on Sunday night, so we will soon find out!
  • Michelle Obama did Carpool Karaoke with James Corden to promote one of her charity projects as First Lady of the United States. It makes sense that they would run in the same circles.
  • Harry being friends with a mildly popular Brit who moved to America with his wife is a little on the nose, don’t you think?
  • James Corden received near-universal jeers this past Wednesday when he received a Golden Globe nomination for his acting in The Prom. In The Prom, Corden plays a flamboyant gay man. The problematic part is that Corden is straight, and that his performance has been said to be a gross caricature of gay men. The movie producers could have avoided these criticisms by casting a gay man in the role, but then what would James Corden have done? Continued hosting his popular late night show? Being paid to hawk Keurig cups? I don’t know, literally anything else? But no. He was given the role, and then the Hollywood Foreign Press decided to nominate him for it. Corden’s nomination also feels particularly tone deaf when a host of Black and Asian writers and actors were totally snubbed by the Globes this year. Here are some of my favourite Tweets about it:

The 2021 Invictus Games were cancelled

This was pretty much a foregone conclusion given the state of COVID-19 globally and especially in Europe (this year’s Invictus Games were going to be held in the Netherlands). It’s sad, but the best decision for all involved. No one wants an outbreak at the games and waiting until next year, when there will hopefully be more widespread vaccination, is the right call.

Harry and The Mail on Sunday settled a lawsuit

This lawsuit was launched by Harry after The Mail on Sunday alleged that Harry had abandoned his duties related to his military patronages when he and Meghan left the royal family. This story made Harry blow a gasket. He launched a lawsuit against TMOS and, in court documents, stated that writing such an article could have grossly affected the mental health of servicepeople in the United Kingdom, to the point where men and women who have served may feel unsupported by Prince Harry and become suicidal.

This lawsuit was settled by Harry and TMOS in fairly quick order and TMOS issued a statement retracting and apologizing for the article. But Harry’s lawyers wrote another statement to the judge deciding the amount in damages to award to Harry that continued the original extremely emotional tone conveyed in the first statement. The judge (paraphrasing), basically told Harry to calm down and to rewrite the statement in a much less explosive tone, and awarded Harry 2,500 pounds in damages rather than Harry’s requested 35,000 pounds. There was also a bit of a kerfuffle about whether TMOS had to write the cheque to Harry himself or to the charity to which Harry wanted to donate the damages. It was messy but it’s over now.

We’re days away from an update on Meghan’s letter lawsuit

Justice Warby will be ruling this week on whether Meghan’s lawsuit against The Mail on Sunday re: its printing of her letter to her father, Thomas Markle, will be ruled fully in Meghan’s favour now, or if it will go to a full trial in October.

There is a 99.9% chance that Justice Warby will rule in favour of a full trial. There are just too many issues that need to be dug into, including the issue of who at Kensington Palace helped Meghan draft the document that became the handwritten letter, and whether Meghan gave her five friends permission to discuss the letter when they were interviewed by People Magazine. As stated previously, I hope it goes to a full trial because I love mess. Team Mess for life.

Harry and Meghan met with California governor Gavin Newsom

It was revealed by The Sun this past week that Meghan and Harry had a Zoom call with California governor Gavin Newsom in mid-October. This would have been before the American election, which is such a weird thing for Harry and Meghan to have done and a weird time to have done it. It was apparently listed as an “introductory meeting”, but if you put 2 and 2 together, it’s pretty easy to work out that Gavin Newsom was trying to narrow down a list of people who could replace Kamala Harris in the US Senate if she became Vice-President-Elect. It’s also pretty easy to put together that that list should have some BIPOC women on it, and that whoever Newsom nominates should have some name recognition and popularity so that, when they come up for election in two years’ time, there will be a solid shot that they will hold the seat. Theoretically.

A stipulation of the agreement made by H&M and Buckingham Palace during the Sandringham Summit is that H&M were to stay out of politics during their new life in America. Meeting with the governor of the state in which you now live, two weeks before one of the most important US elections in the nation’s history, is not staying out of politics. It’s telling the British Royal Family to get bent.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading. Buy me a coffee here! Stay safe and wear a mask.

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One thought on “Harry and Meghan had a busy week

  1. Hi, I think is safe to say the Carpool Karaoke wasn’t Super Bowl related, but it is funny it coincided with Corden’s Golden Globe controversial nomination and yes, it is a little on the nose they he and H are now British ex-patriates in the USA. As for H lawsuit win, he really is extra in his statements, isn’t he? The most controversial thing last week was the Newson meeting and the explanation this week that it was to “introduce the Duchess”, like she is an US citizen, so if anyone needed an introduction to California or the US in the literal sense of the word was H, unless by introduction of the Duchess they meant political introduction, which what many suspect. And if so is not only crazy on their part, but rather presuntuos, many of these legislators are former prosecutors, or studied law, or years of experience in public service, in that sense someone like her is a tourist in this field.

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