Breaking: Meghan’s pregnant!

A short time ago this afternoon (Sunday, February 14), Harry and Meghan’s press office announced that Meghan is pregnant. The photo that was released along with the announcement is below:

This will be the couple’s second baby and very happy news after Meghan’s announcement of her miscarriage last year, as she wrote about in the New York Times. You can read my thoughts on the miscarriage essay here.

We don’t have a ton of facts to go on with the announcement, but here is what we know:

Omid had details no one else did

Omid Scobie was almost certainly fed more details about the couple’s announcement than the general press pack. An example of this: Omid having a copy of this newspaper from Valentine’s Day 37 years ago, talking about how Diana announced she was pregnant with Harry on Valentine’s Day, ready to go. Convenient!

So did People Magazine

People Magazine also had details that the regular press pack didn’t. It announced that in the photo, Meghan is wearing a Carolina Herrera maternity dress that had been created for her during her pregnancy with Archie. Meghan wore Carolina Herrera occasionally during her time as a senior member of the British Royal Family. You can read the People article here.

The photographer is a friend (and maybe a friend of Apple (#spon #ad)

The photo was taken by Nigerian photographer (and the first Black man to photograph a British Vogue cover) Misan Harriman. He is a friend of Harry and Meghan’s who attended their wedding at Windsor in 2018.

Something that Harriman mentioned in his Twitter caption about the announcement and photo caught my attention. It was the hashtag #shotonipad. Why was this hashtag necessary? My theory is that it was necessary in order for everyone to be given their cheque from Apple. People can take photographs remotely via lots of devices. It’s not really worth noting the fact that it was shot on an iPad unless you have a vested interest in other people buying an iPad. My theory on this was bolstered by Omid’s reaction on Twitter:

It’s just a theory, but keep in mind that Prince Harry has ties to Apple from working on a (still unreleased) mental health program with Oprah. I’ve heard crazier things. And I’ve also read that Meghan and Harry were not willing to announce their second pregnancy unless they got something in return. Maybe money? Maybe a deal with Apple? I don’t know. What I do know is that the people who choose to work with them and play ball with them are usually rewarded (like with exclusives for books they can write in order to make money). It makes sense that they would ask for something for themselves as well as something for their friend, the photographer who remotely took the portrait.

Buckingham Palace is, as always, delighted

Buckingham Palace released the following statement on the news: “Her Majesty, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and entire family [are] ‘delighted’ and wish them well.”

This statement is…a little bit yikes. It mirrors the language used in BuckPal’s statement on the birth of Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s baby this past week (delighted – the Queen is always delighted). But the yikes part is what the statement doesn’t say. It doesn’t mention the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s reaction to the news. You might say, “Well, that’s not fair, because they have their own social media accounts and press team.” Yeah, and so does Prince Charles. But Charles was mentioned in the BuckPal statement. Oof.

EDIT: I’m just seeing now from royal reporters on Twitter that BuckPal was caught totally off guard with the announcement. Harry and Meghan had told members of the royal family that they were expecting, but not that they were planning to announce it. This left the BuckPal comms staff scrambling to prepare a statement this evening (London time) on the fly.

Let’s see if Will and Kate’s social media team puts out a nice statement or Instagram post about it. If not, it could be (and be seen as) a snub for the Sussexes.

Closing thoughts/odds and ends

  • Meghan was definitely pregnant when she released the New York Times miscarriage essay. This was something that I and others suspected at the time, though none of us was going to say it publicly. You usually don’t make a miscarriage public until you’re safely pregnant again. It’s just how it works.
  • There was no announcement on how far along Meghan is, but I would say she’s somewhere around 5-6 months. That would mean a May/June birth, which is the reason she will give for not going to London with Harry for Trooping the Colour and the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue later in the summer.
  • Meghan winning her lawsuit against Associated Newspapers on Thursday all but assured this news coming out now. I bet the Sussexes are riding high this weekend.
  • I saw this on Twitter, but it sort of seems like Harry and Meghan really, genuinely hate Eugenie and Jack and want to upstage them at every opportunity? First with announcing their first pregnancy at Eugenie and Jack’s wedding reception, and now announcing this pregnancy just after Eug and Jack have just had a baby and are going to announce the baby’s name in the coming days.
  • I can see a more full spread of photographs coming from an outlet in the coming months, before the baby is born.
  • I think that the photo is way too grainy with all of the gradations of the leaves and sunshine. It’s not a well-composed shot. Don’t @ me on this!
  • I think that now that the secret is out, Meghan will be popping up more and more via video chats for philanthropic causes. Possibly including pregnancy and child loss charities.
  • Will the pregnancy be mentioned on Harry’s James Corden LA double decker bus special? We will soon find out!

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3 thoughts on “Breaking: Meghan’s pregnant!

  1. Hi, I read about the Buckingham Palace statement in an Insta post (sorry, I can’t remember now which news outlet), but it was clearly paraphrased because it mentioned The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but not Prince Charles. I suspected it wasn’t verbatim, yet I wasn’t expecting that the actual statement wouldn’t mention them individually (I guess they fall in the “entire family” category). Like you said, it will be interesting to see if Kesington Palace social media says something tomorrow or not.
    I agree with you that Meghan must be 5 or 6 months pregnant based on the pic mostly, but also the timeline: by October when her team was fighting the Associated Newspapers case and got her the trial postponetment until next fall she already was pregnant, like you said when she wrote the NYT column she certainly was, when she appeared in the CNN Heroes special and the way the camera framed her she was pregnant, and so on (her radio silence after their holidays Spotify Podcast and the fact they didn’t publish one in January, then her latest appearance this week again framed her without showing her chest or belly and with all her hair upfront). That also explains their pretty much publicly announced decision of having Harry travel solo to the UK next spring / summer.
    Related to this I have to mention what the press is quickly realizing, that this means the baby will be born in the USA and not in the UK, which I don’t think will seat too well with at least part of the British public. M and H may or may not be aware by now that their popularity in the UK has plummeted, who knows if this is something that concerns them or not, I saw that some Spanish media already noticed their fall in popularity.
    I do wonder, if she hadn’t mainly won the case (considering there are some small loose ends), would they have made the announcement? We cannot know for sure but one has to wonder, also the judge knew about this before us, and this does explain the summary judgment request (that request was another hint of this news). I don’t want to be mean but maybe this impacted the judge’s decision (more so if you factor in the miscarriage), even though is not supposed to?
    As for Eugenie and Jack, some media said they were going back to Frogmore Cottage after they left the hospital, I don’t think that’s confirmed. I kind of hope they went to Ivy Cottage at KP or even the Royal Lodge with Fergie instead (though Andrew being there probably doesn’t make it good PR). I think Eugenie and Jack can recover their thunder if they announce their son’s name later in the week, but yeah H and M can’t seem to consider that it would be the best for family harmony not to announce anything near the events of all the other family members, and Eugenie and Jack seem to be getting the worst part along with Will and Kate (there is also the rumor that Eugenie and Jack wanted to marry at St. George’s Chapel earlier in 2018, but had to move the date to October to make room for H and M who also wanted the place and had precedence).
    I definetely see M going back to more zoom meetings and events.
    I didn’t analize this pic that much but I’m not surprised about the quality thing considering what happened with their Christmas card, also I can’t imagine it’s easy for a photographer to control a photo’s quality when taking it remotely. On a side note, I don’t think the USA media will even notice the Apple shameless plug but the UK media might.
    About James Corden, I actually kind of hope Harry gave Corden a heads up about this, even if it was privately and not on tape, because if H met with Corden and didn’t said anything about this (even if it was at least off the record and H begged Corden not to say anything before today), then Corden might feel cheated that he didn’t get the scoop or at least some hint while they were taping.
    So many things to comment about this!

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    1. Thanks for this, Carolina! I also saw a few media outlets saying specifically William and Charles were delighted, I think, like you said, the press are taking liberties with the “whole family” phrasing and just mentioning whoever they think will give the most clicks. Totally agree with you about the timing – you and I have been messaging about the reason for the postponement of the trial and we were right (like we are most times lol ;)) The people who were really paying attention have known for quite some time that it was likely.
      If James Corden and Harry are close friends like they imply they are (he attended their wedding and MC’d the reception!) I would like to think Harry told James privately before the filming. It would be really uncomfortable if Harry hadn’t and James had asked a question about it (though, of course, Corden’s people would just cut it out of what airs). So many questions!
      I can’t wait to see where Jack and Eugenie end up. I’m hoping not Royal Lodge, just for their own PR, but I understand that RL is HUGE and that they could have their own wing away from Andrew and Sarah. I think a name for Baby Brooksbank is coming in the next day or two. I have no idea what they’ll name him, but I heard that his middle name will be Stamp, after one of Jack’s ancestors. They win points on originality for that one!

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