Weekly Royal Roundup


Princess Eugenie had a baby!

He’s a boy and he doesn’t have a name yet. Everyone is healthy and at home. The most fun and weird bit of news about this is the rumour that they are going give him the middle name Stamp. Stamp Brooksbank was an ancestor of Jack Brooksbank’s in the 17th and 18th Centuries who became Governor of the Bank of England. See? Silly and nice. Yay for nice things.

Meghan and Harry announced that Meghan is pregnant!

You can read the full post about it here.

Meghan won her lawsuit against Associated Newspapers!

I’m going to write a post about this soon, I promise! But the verdict is 53 pages and people keep having/announcing babies and promoting their interviews with Oprah, so I can’t get back to it lol. Speaking of!

Meghan has agreed to be interviewed by Oprah!

This was just revealed by ITV. Congrats to them, it’s a great scoop. There aren’t a ton of details – basically all anyone knew was that executives at OWN, Oprah’s TV network, have a special listed as “Oprah Interviews Meghan Markle”. But this story being broken by ITV a few minutes ago (literally a few minutes ago – I’m typing as fast as I can), in my opinion, led CBS to come out with it and announce it about 5 minutes after ITV posted its scoop. Here is the info on the interview:

A fun thing to note is that the interview will be airing on CBS (Oprah is a sometimes contributor to 60 Minutes). CBS also airs The Late Late Show With James Corden (a close personal friend of Harry and Meghan’s/the person who MC’d their wedding reception at Frogmore House/the person with whom Harry was spotted filming on a double decker bus last week). CBS also employs close friend of Harry and Meghan/attendee of Meghan’s glitzy New York baby shower Gayle King. Who is best friends with…Oprah Winfrey.

Charles and Camilla had their first COVID-19 vaccinations!

It’s good! They want people to know that they received their vaccinations and that you should get yours when it’s your turn. Good on them.

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