Weekly Royal Roundup

Here’s a brief update on the world of the royals from the past week.

Prince Philip remains hospitalized

He is expected to remain in hospital for rest and observation until the beginning of next week. It was just announced (in the last hour at the time of me writing this) that Prince Charles has gone to the King Edward VII Hospital in London to visit Philip.

Chris Ship, ITV News Royal Editor, apparently asked Buckingham Palace why Charles would have made the journey from Highgrove House in Gloucestershire to the hospital at which Philip is being treated, in London. He was told that no further updates on Prince Philip’s health are being given.

Unless we see arrivals from the rest of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s children, and/or Queen Elizabeth herself, I think things are relatively okay. I will let you know if there are any updates.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank announced the name of their baby

And Eugenie wore a hatband! Princess Eugenie took to Instagram to formally introduce August Philip Hawke Brooksbank to the world. Nobody was betting on Baby Brooksbank’s name being August, especially since he was born in February! But the names are nods to Eugenie and Jack’s great x5 grandfathers, August and Hawke, as well as Eugenie’s grandfather, Prince Philip. It’s very sweet of her to include Philip as a middle name for Baby August, especially when Philip is currently 99 and in hospital. I’m sure there will be lots of celebrating if Baby August and Prince Philip can get together on or before Philip’s 100th birthday in June.

Also, it bears repeating that the baby is incredibly cute. Welcome to the world, August.

The Royal Family marked Prince Andrews’s birthday and the replies were what you’d expect

Because Prince Andrew is a probable criminal and incredibly toxic in terms of public relations, the people managing the official BRF Twitter account probably should have stayed silent on Andrew’s birthday yesterday. It appears that they knew it would be terrible optics to actually wish Andrew a happy birthday, so instead they tried to mark it as a date of historical significance.

Here are some examples of the replies and quote tweets to this post from the BRF:

“The Queen’s embarrassing pride and joy…may his victims receive justice”;

“Happy Birthday Prince Andrew, I hope you go to jail very soon”;

“Disappointed in this post”;

“Read the room, guys…read the room”;

and various uses of the word nonce (a slang term for pedophile), including: “And thus a nonce was born”, “The bloke is literally a nonce”, “Celebrating a nonce”, and “Prince Andrew is a sweaty nonce”.

The Royal Family deciding to acknowledge Andrew in ANY way, shape, or form…it’s not right. To a lot of people, the above tweet is a succinct summary of why Harry and Meghan were right to leave the royal family.

Harry and Meghan’s private patronages wanted us to know that they’re great patrons

Harry and Meghan’s official exit from senior, working membership of the British Royal Family was announced this week. That is way too much to get into in a weekly roundup, so if you’d like more information on it, please go to my separate post on it, which can be found here.

Harry and Meghan have been allowed to keep their patronages to these organizations because the patronages below aren’t associated with their positions in the royal family and were not bestowed by the Queen.

There has been speculation on whether Harry and Meghan asked for these statements to be released. I have no idea.

Harry and Meghan’s royal patronages said farewell to them as patrons

The English Rugby League and Queen’s Commonwealth Trust both released statements on their social media accounts thanking Harry and Meghan for their support and for all of the good times.

Will and Kate were quiet

It’s half term break for British schools, which means that Will and Kate took most of the week off from royal duties to hang out with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who both had a week off from online learning, in addition to Prince Louis.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Support here, stay safe, and wear a mask.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, Eugenie and Jack’s baby is so cute and I found her post so well done, the info they released to the world felt complete without going overboard. She didn’t say where the pic was taken but some media outlets apparently assumed it was at Frogmore Cottage and insist they are living there, also People magazine says a source that spoke with Eugenie said the delivery was a C-section due to her scoliosis and the corrective surgery she had at 12 but nobody else has reported this, not even the Daily Mail. As for Prince Charles visiting his father, some media (mostly out of the UK) were already throwing subtle shade about why nobody at the BRF had come to visit Phillip, and yet now some UK media were complaining about the visit because local lockdown regulations discourage hospital visits, so it seems a case of “damn if you do, damn if you don’t”. About Prince Andrew, not to defend the tweet because it was definitely wrong, but I’m not surprised by it because it has been reported for decades that Andrew is the Queen’s favorite child, so maybe the order to publish some acknowledgment of the date came directly from the top, she’s his mother and sometimes mothers aren’t rationals about their children, she might be unable to accept that he commited a crime. I have also seen comments using Andrew to justify H and M leaving the BRF, but I just don’t feel such relation exists. Regarding H and M statements from their private patronages, the Invictus Games were funded by H so I feel like is not far fetched to think he or his PR team ordered that statement, and the same can happen with Sentebale. The other charities are not founded by them, but I guess they want to be in good terms with H and M.


  2. In the past, whenever Prince Philip was hospitalized, at least one of his children made a visit to hospital. I think last time it was Anne. You need to worry when The Queen visits, and since that hasn’t happened yet, everything is fine. I agree with the other comment that people are pointing out rules for hospital visits, and you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I think to add to that…does anyone out there actually know what the current rules are in England? It’s quite confusing.
    In regards to Andrew, yes he’s gross, but let’s remember that he has not been charged with a crime, nor has the FBI even interviewed him. That Epstein case is extensive, and still under investigation. I do hope he does agree to be interviewed if and when the FBI actually sit down with him. Should that tweet on his birthday gone out? No. It was extremely tone deaf.
    As for the patronages, what else can they say? Certainly nothing negative as that reflects badly on the charity and and they’ll get slaughtered on social media. I saw some people upset on social media that certain patronages (QCT, National Theatre) were taken away as they believed those companies lobbied to have the Sussexes remain. Again, what can the Theatre actually say that’s negative towards their patron? They literally can’t unless they want all Royal favour to be taken away. They were President and VP of the QCT, not patron (The Queen is patron), and this makes sense removing them from those roles. They don’t live in a Commonwealth country, so why have them be in that position? I think it would be wonderful to have some of the young people who the Sussexes interviewed in the QCT be revolving VP. They are the future of the QCT and showed themselves to be very intelligent and articulate.

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