Harry and Meghan Q&A Session!

Any insight into why H&M don’t see value in keeping family squabbles private? Aren’t they doing what M’s dad did–selling family relationship to press?


I think this goes back to a point that was argued in Meghan’s privacy trial over the letter to her father that Associated Newspapers bought and published. It was claimed by Associated Newspapers’ lawyers (and acknowledged/not refuted by Justice Warby, the judge in the case), that Meghan only likes privacy if it benefits her. I think Meghan and Harry are of the opinion that if people just knew and understood what they have been put through, they would adore them and not blame them for anything. But that’s not how things work in reality. So they continue putting out stories and doing tell-alls (first Tom Bradby at ITV, then Omid, now Oprah) hoping that at some point in the future, everyone will turn on the BRF and end up fully on their side.

The BRF is concerned much less with personalities or individuals and much more with the institution. If some bad stories come out, they just weather the storm and keep going (keep calm and carry on; never explain, never complain). Whether Harry and Meghan want to admit it or not, they are selling their story and their family relationships to the press – just not in the way that Meghan’s father has. Instead of a cheque, Meghan and Harry are getting endorsement deals (Oprah endorsing Clevr Blends), positive press (James Corden), and a chance to write their own narrative (Omid Scobie).

If H&M said they were leaving bc of mean press and were publicly gracious about the family, they could be invited to the UN for speeches global ambassadorships, etc. Seems like they will be cut off from diplomatic world bc the RF occupies that space. Why don’t they value the soft power of diplomacy? I can’t see H being invited to any event that invites W, as hosts wouldn’t want awkwardness.

Meghan Markle Wore a Thing: White Theia Gown in Tonga Edition - Fashionista

I think you’re right that they closed that door for themselves. They could have been a fabulous addition to the UK’s diplomatic team. I could have seen them stunning at State dinners and continuing to undertake travel to support the Commonwealth, if they had stayed on better terms with HM and the BRF. They could have even been given fancy job titles and a little money under a job like special envoy on behalf of the Queen. That could have led to speeches at the UN and more philanthropic doors being opened to them. It’s a bummer, because 1) I think they were/would have been very good at it, and 2) we definitely lost out on some tiara moments. Bummer all around.

Also, how many times can they sell their story after FF and O interview? Netflix series? Ultimately, Meghan IN the RF is refreshing; H&M out is just rich people in LA.

Lol! Not very many. To be more specific, I think they will try to sell it as many times as they can. The return will just depreciate every time they do. I agree – now they are just some rich people living in a place where a lot of other rich people live.

Sussex Royal is still up. Do you think that being out of RF now, H&M will reenergize it and dare HMQ to take away the HRH permanently?

I’ve been refreshing SussexRoyal.com like three times a day since the news of the official break from the royal family was announced last week (I have no life). The website hasn’t been updated in any way since last Spring.

Here is part of the landing page on SussexRoyal.com from today (February 22, 2021). It still references strengthening the Commonwealth (presumably alluding to Harry and Meghan’s now-revoked positions as President and Vice-President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust). It also talks about serving and honouring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Zero for two.

I’ve put red around the two things I’m most interested in. The first is the use of Harry and Meghan’s official royal monogram. I would assume that, since Harry and Meghan are no longer working members of the royal family, they will no longer be allowed to use this monogram. And even if they were allowed to use it, why would they want to? People who sent Christmas wishes to Harry and Meghan via Prince Charles’s office at Clarence House this last holiday received a Christmas card with a picture of Harry and Meghan at an appearance during their time as senior royals. In addition, their monogram was used on the card. Will be interesting if there are any uses of it in the future.

The second part is the copyrighted Sussex Royal on the bottom right of the page. Buckingham Palace made very clear that Harry and Meghan are not to use Sussex Royal in any iteration now they are no longer senior working royals, so this would imply that the copyright and the website domain would both have to be relinquished at some point (soon). The other fun thing is that the website says it was made by Article, the same company that built Meghan’s website The Tig, as well as the Archewell website.

If Harry and Meghan update this website in any real way, they will likely be told in a more direct manner by Buckingham Palace that they are not allowed to do so. If they really flout the Sussex Royal prohibition rules and refuse to stop, it’s possible that HMTQ could remove their HRH styles (right now, Harry and Meghan have the styles but are not allowed to use them).

Do you think the Meghan and Harry/Oprah interview airing the day before the Commonwealth celebrations in the UK was a coincidence or a means to steal the London headlines? Would CBS or H&M have set the air date?

William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan at Commonwealth Day Service 2020 | Kate  and harry, Prince harry and meghan, Westminster abbey
Will, Kate, Harry, and Meghan at the 2020 Commonwealth Day service in London

Great question. Commonwealth Day last year happened on March 9. This year, Commonwealth Day falls on March 8. Harry and Meghan clearly know this. They also chose last year’s Commonwealth Day service as their last official royal appearance before moving to the States. It’s the service in which they were sat behind Will and Kate and didn’t get to walk in, but were seated before the higher ranking members of the royal family arrived. You can tell how much fun and not at all tense it was from the photo above!

Knowing that Commonwealth Day this year is on March 8, I am absolutely certain that Harry and Meghan and CBS mutually agreed to air the Oprah interview on the evening of Sunday, March 7. In their minds, this would take some of the shine off the Windsors. Then, when the (bound to be massive) TV numbers come in later in the week, it will be another win for Harry and Meghan, a sign of how well they’re doing in the US, etc.

However, due to COVID-19, this year’s in-person Commonwealth Day service has been cancelled and instead, members of the BRF will be appearing via a TV special in the UK on the same night as Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview, March 7. This has been framed as a snub on the part of the Windsors and particularly the Queen, but think about it. The BRF must have known for several months that an in-person Commonwealth Day service was not possible. And royal events are only announced shortly before they take place. So it appears that, rather than the Queen stealing Harry and Meghan’s sunshine, this televised Commonwealth Day event has been planned for quite some time, and that Harry and Meghan are the ones who are attempting to dampen Her Majesty’s spotlight.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Support here, stay safe, and wear a mask.

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3 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan Q&A Session!

  1. Meghan has always used other people to speak on her behalf. Remember her celebrity friends prior to the wedding (and after) being interviewed and gushing over her? It always felt like they were trying to sell something. It would have been more impactful had a non-celebrity friend come out and talked about how wonderful she is. 
    The Commonwealth Day service is to shine a light on The Commonwealth. There are singers, dancers and artists from different countries. If Harry and Meghan and Oprah are doing this to take away from the Royal family, they are in fact taking away from The Commonwealth, which is beyond the pale. I do find it fascinating that people are quite upset over this Oprah interview, and especially likening it to Diana’s 1995 Panorama interview. There are no similarities. Diana was Princess of Wales – the future Queen. She was the first Royal to engage and bend down to the same level as children. She shook the hands of AIDs and leprosy patients. She genuinely cared for sick children, senior citizens, and marginalized individuals. She was extraordinarily revolutionary and the most famous person in the world for 16 years. Meghan spent 18 months as a member of the Royal Family, married to the 6th in line. I truly don’t see any comparison. I was expecting a lot from her in terms of women’s issues, but Camilla (domestic violence) and Sophie (conflict-related sexual violence), and even Eugenie (anti-slavery) do a lot on that already. It would have been nice if Meghan partnered up with them and championed those issues. She had a huge platform to do that.

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    1. Thank you for this Shanon! I really like your point about 16 years of service vs 18 months. They really don’t compare at all, do they? And Diana did all of that work as the most famous woman in the world, so it’s not like she wasn’t under the same stress Meghan was. I also think it would have been great if Meghan had partnered with Camilla, Sophie, and Eugenie on those issues – but I have a feeling that she didn’t want to share the spotlight. 😦

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  2. Hi, this Q&A was so good. I had no idea the Sussex Royal site was still on, I think I read about that months ago and just forgot about it, I do know the Sussex Royal Instagram account is still on because funny enough the media keeps saying it hasn’t been updated in months. I think they should have closed it a while ago to honor their promise to the BRF, maybe they didn’t because it seems H hoped to convince the Queen that this hybrid way of being royals could work. The lost potential in the diplomatic field is an interesting angle, to be honest after all this mess I don’t give them too much credit but this analysis does echo what some palace sources said about many of them not wanting this outcome because H and M could have been great representatives of the UK and the BRF. It does show M either was never truly interested in this kind of representation / platform or quickly realized it wasn’t her thing. She could have studied other european royals like Queen Maxima of the Netherlands who has an Economics background and has worked with the UN in micro-credits, she has even gone to UN General Assambleys. I’m glad you mentioned that is most likely M and H planned / requested that their interview airs coinciding with the Commonwealth day (as much as that was possible) and not that the BRF was trying to air a special program on the date of H and M interview. Some people are fixed on the idea that the BRF just ran and ordered out of the blue a special program on the same day than H and M interview, out of pettines. British media is already saying it was planed weeks ago. People can be so crazy about this, one royalty account that publishes european royalty news in English and Spanish without including personal opinions published a post about M and H and their 20 seconds appearance in the Spotify event, and another post about the BRF special and got so many negative comments about publishing both post one after another, that the lady handling the account had to do a third post clarifying she only posts the news without taking sides and she asked for respect. Some people need to chill and open their minds about the reality of all this. Lastly, I agree with the prior commentator. Diana won people’s hearts, many of us loved and adored her. M arrived at this party like 20 minutes ago and acts like she went through the same level of hardship that Diana endured, and like she deserves all the same accolades that Diana won in her life. Diana wasn’t a saint, she was a flawed human being like we all are, but her humanity also made her relatable. M wants us to feel that she has a humanity that is relatable, but so far we only hear from her accolites about her humanity and we get some occasional pics, video and public statements that show her interacting with charities, but then that’s it. To reach Diana’s level she would need to do a lot more and to be honest, it’s best to try to do one’s own thing, to avoid chasing the achievements of another person that is not even in this world anymore.

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