Prince Harry rode around on a double decker bus with James Corden

We have a lot to talk about today. The last few weeks have been banana pancakes re: the royals, so I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot. But it’s still true! So let’s go.

On Thursday evening, James Corden aired his LA interview with Prince Harry on his late night talk show. You can watch the full segment here:

Let’s break the segment down into pieces, because there’s a lot to talk about.


James is driving around on a double decker tour bus and makes some comments about showing his old friend around his new city. He sees his friend on the street and tells him to pay the double decker bus fare and meet him on the top of the bus. Prince Harry jokes that royals famously don’t carry cash.

For someone who gave up all of his royal duties and peaced out to a different country, Prince Harry does speak about the fact that he is royal a fair amount. He also says that he has never been on an open-top bus because as a royal “you’re not really allowed to.”

James then brings out a tea set and pours Prince Harry a cup, to which Harry says, “Splendid.” Because they are on a double decker bus on a highway, the tea set almost immediately smashes into the seats on the bus and spills everywhere.

Fresh Prince house tour

I say house tour, but I really just mean the exterior of the house, because the interior has nothing to do with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. So James Corden got a team of people to coordinate him and Harry going to the outside of a house just so James could say, “GET IT? IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE IT HAS PRINCE IN THE TITLE AND YOU ARE A PRINCE.”

Meghan cameo

Because James loves to beat a dead horse, he FaceTimes Meghan from Harry’s phone and makes the same joke: “YOU SHOULD BUY THIS HOUSE BECAUSE IT’S FROM A POP CULTURE MOMENT WHERE IT WAS BASED AROUND THE FRESH PRINCE, GET IT? GET IT? AND YOU’RE RICH NOW SO YOU CAN AFFORD IT. GET IT?”

Meghan looks absolutely gorgeous. She responds to James’s pleas to buy the Fresh Prince house with “We’re done moving,” which is pretty funny.

In-depth question time

Back on the bus, James asks Harry how he knew Meghan was the one. He also asks why Harry and Meghan “quit” the British Royal Family, to which Harry responds that they were always stepping back, never stepping away. Two things: 1) James saying that Harry quit the BRF clearly irked Harry. This is just about the friendliest interview you’re going to give, why not make James ask in a nicer way and cut the “quit” out? And 2) Harry and Meghan wanted to step back, not step away, when they first announced their plan to be half in-half out members of the BRF last January, but that’s simply not the case anymore. No matter what Harry says, he did quit. He did step away. He needs to acknowledge it.

When asked about The Crown, Harry said that he doesn’t mind it because it doesn’t pretend to be news or reality. He also said that he thinks it gives a good glimpse into what life in his family is like. That’s a pretty cutting statement for a show that inspired so much hatred of his father that Clarence House had to turn off its social media comments because it was getting spammed with vitriol for Harry’s father and stepmother.

Finally, Harry said that Archie’s first word was “crocodile”. I have spoken with the parents in my life and they all say that this is a lie. A first word is usually one, MAYBE two syllables, and is something like “Mama” or “Dada”. Crocodile is an insane lie. He also says that Queen Elizabeth asked what Archie wanted as a Christmas gift, and that Meghan responded that he would like a waffle maker, so that’s what QEII gave Archie for Christmas. That’s also absolutely bonkers. Why say that ARCHIE wanted a waffle maker? Why not just buy a waffle maker yourselves? Who is doing Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas shopping? Did she order it from an American store so the power plug would work in an American outlet? I have 8,000 questions. I’m so frustrated even writing this.

Obstacle course time

James took Harry to a military-style obstacle course, which Harry sailed through. James panted his way through the course, to the laughter of the audience. Again, for James to take his good friend through something associated with the military, as Harry was privately being told by the Queen that he would be stripped of his beloved military patronages from the BRF, doesn’t seem fun to me. It just seems cruel.

Here are my thoughts on whatever this video was:

What is Harry promoting?

Usually people who go on James Corden’s show, or Carpool Karaoke, or literally any late night talk show, are there because they have something tangible to promote. A new TV show, a charity they want to support, something. Harry seems to have agreed to participate to promote…walking away from his family?

I think this is why this segment has so many awkward pauses or jokes that don’t hit right. The segment isn’t being directed toward something (a cause, a project, a movie, etc.). Instead of a dinner party, which has a beginning, middle, and end, it’s just two guys shooting the shit on a dorm room couch for 6 hours.

Why are you letting people make fun of you and your family?

Why let James Corden make fun of you and your family? Presumably, if you still care about your grandmother, as you say you do, you wouldn’t want to embarrass or make fun of her and her job. That would probably include not saying what she gave her great-grandson for Christmas. It also wouldn’t include mocking the idea of being a prince by going to a house from a show called The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Is this how you let your friends treat you?

Also, I don’t think Harry is as in on the joke as he thinks he is. James Corden is Harry’s friend, yes. They have spent time together in private. But on this show, James’s main goal is views for his own show. And that means making fun of Harry and his family and their situation. It means taking Harry to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air house and making him run an obstacle course after he’s been painfully stripped of his beloved military titles. If you’re Harry, doesn’t all of this, done by a friend, feel at least a little bit cruel?

I understand that Harry thinks he is getting things out of this segment, just as James is – the chance to write his own narrative, to speak his truth, to get America to know and love him a little better. But if you’re James Corden, supposedly a close personal friend of Prince Harry, and aware of the amount of dust this segment will kick up with Harry’s family and the people of the UK, wouldn’t you tell him not to do it? Or, at the very least, do it in a way that would result in the least kickback from Harry’s family in the UK? And wouldn’t you suggest that, while the world is still in the middle of a pandemic and Harry’s family back home is begging people to stay inside during lockdown, Harry maybe shouldn’t be riding on a double decker bus with a camera crew and a bunch of other TV staff?

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Did Oprah get scooped?

There has been some chatter about whether James’s interview with Harry was too in-depth given that he and Meghan’s interview with Oprah is going to be aired next Sunday. I think that Oprah did not get scooped, and here is why: 1) 95% of the Oprah interview will be with Meghan alone, so I think James asking Harry questions was fair game. 2) I think that the Oprah interview will be much more in-depth and will give much more dirt. 3) Oprah and James Corden are in business together via Weight Watchers. Additionally, both interviews are being aired by CBS. So I think that Oprah was aware of the James interview and probably signed off on it. It’s all good.

Odds and ends

  • I really felt for Prince Harry’s bald spot while riding on that open-top bus. The California sun and no baseball cap? A recipe for disaster.
  • All of the surprises were scripted within an inch of their life, including the Meghan cameo. Unless Meghan is just getting full hair and makeup done at her mansion every day…during a pandemic.
  • Harry going into the Fresh Prince House to use the bathroom and saying, “It’s okay, I’ve had a COVID test” while his entire family begs people to get the COVID vaccine is like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Just because you’ve had a negative COVID test doesn’t mean you’re not going to test positive in a day, or 7 days, or 12 days. Idiotic.
  • I have never found Prince Harry attractive, but his arms in the military obstacle course did something to me. Who needs a full head of hair when you have big, strong arms? Too much information, but also important to note.

Thanks for reading. Support here, stay safe, and wear a mask.

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4 thoughts on “Prince Harry rode around on a double decker bus with James Corden

  1. Hi, there’s so much stuff about this interview that I think the media will keep talking about it up until the Oprah interview airs and replaces it in the news cycle. About the interview itself:
    Harry made the joke about royals not carrying cash with them and it seems some people and media didn’t understand it was a joke, they actually took it seriously. I get many don’t know this urban legend about royals (it’s now an urban legend, I’m pretty sure that at some point it was true, there is a story about the 2 oldest daughters of czar Nicholas II wanting to buy stuff once in a store during WW I (one day after leaving their shift as war nurses), and they couldn’t because they didn’t have cash, later they were asking how to use cash to one of their ladies-in-waiting; another relative cousin Maria Pavlovna also said in her memoirs that she wasn’t prepared for the real world because she didn’t know how to buy stuff, among other things). Still, I don’t know why many didn’t get it was a joke or at least see it as an ironic comment.
    I might be wrong buy I got the feeling Harry doesn’t actually know why he wasn’t allow to ride in open-top buses back in the UK. It’s clearly due to security reasons, as a member of the BRF he is a potential target of anyone with bad intentions and either a snipper could have harmed him in this type of vehicle (anyone with a high profile is an easy targer in an open vehicle, ask JFK about it), or put a bomb in the bus not caring if they killed innocents too (ask the UK people about the IRA attacks in the 70s / 80s). Harry should know this, I get Harry didn’t have to see the worst of the IRA attacks in his lifetime but is not that he hasn’t seen the other terrorism that we all have seen and he was in the armed forces! So he should know the reason yet he sounded like “this is a thing I wasn’t allowed to do for some reason, but I always wanted to”, instead of briefly clarifying why, a simple phrase like “wasn’t allowed to for security reasons” would have sufficed. Maybe he didn’t want to alarm Corden, his staff and the viewers, if so he shouldn’t have even mentioned it because it sounded like he didn’t know why he was prohibited something, when he should know the reason, he’s not a child, he could ask.
    The tea thing, it could have been lovely but also too nostalgic like the army course thing, but either way it was ruined by the whole the bus hitting the breaks suddenly, H cursing and tea service smashed. Beside, how do we even know that H was the sort of guy to have the tea break in the afternoon? I don’t think every single Brit does this, and Harry strikes me as the type who wouldn’t have cared for this sort of thing, I’m not even sure that I see William doing this in his daily life! (Maybe I’m nitpicking too much and Corden just wanted to be a good host, I don’t know).
    Besides the reasons in this article, the Fresh Prince thing was cringe because he went to pee in that house. I mean what was that?! I would find it cringe and unnecessary with any celebrity, I admit more so with H. There is a certain dignity once expects from a Prince and this is not it. Couldn’t they have done comedy in another way? H rapping seems to be the other thing the UK media found extraordinary, personally I don’t know what to think about it, I think for me is not that big deal, the pee thing irked me way more.
    I agree M showing up via Face Time was scripted just like everything else. What may or may not have been decided beforehand by the couple was her calling him Haz. They may not care, but I see this is already causing some mockery in the UK. I think some details between couples should remain private, people don’t take kindly to certain things when they become public and H and M were already too controversials before this to add more to the fire. Then again, with Oprah they will to the fire.
    I agree H need to have a reality check and accept for all practical effects and purposes he quit the BRF. Maybe deep down Corden thinks this too / knows this, and that’s why he askes the question the way he did? There was another body language article in the Daily Mail, this time about this interview, and the expert said whenever H talked about the Queen or his brother his body language was more guarded, unlike when speaking adoringly of M and their child. The one time William’s name came up (thanks to Corden), the way the expert described Harry’s body language (not smiling, looking the other way), I would say he was uncomfortable too.
    The Crown’s comments have caused that the UK media accuses H of defending his employer Netflix and their product, and questions about prior statements he made 2 or 3 years ago saying he was planning stop seeing it / stop the show before they got to him. I can’t phantom he might have seen season 4 or even the prior ones. Unlike what he believes, the show is a dramatization yes but from what I undestand they are more closer to what happened than I would have expected (don’t watch it because I feared they would gloss over the ugly stuff but I’m considering it because I have heard they didn’t). So he’s either lying to himself that all is fiction or he’s using it as source of information about his family and if so, with what end?
    Archie first word. This is an interesting topic because some comments in People magazine and Daily Mail articles about this said that it is possible crocodile was his first word because their granchild said this or that three-syllable word, but other commentators said this doesn’t happen and why that word in particular. However, the important thing here is that M said months ago in one of the Zoom chats that the child first words were stuff like Mama, Dada and dog, she didn’t say which one was first but she never mentioned crocodile or that her son could say more complicated words. So who’s lying and who’s telling the truth here?
    The waffle maker thing goes to my point that some stuff should remain private. Nobody neeeded to know that, and if he thought that would make the Queen more relatable and human, it was not his call to make. I would say Archie didn’t asked the waffle maker to the Queen, M did. He’s a toddler, he doesn’t know what a waffle maker is. If by any chance this story is true, I would guess the Queen ordered her staff to buy it in the US so the store could ship it to H and M over there.
    The military-style course, I would say it could be considered a bit pathetic on both sides by that point of the segment. It seems not everybody in the UK thinks Corden is funny and there were those who found him so obsequious towards his guest that he was willing to self flagelation to make H look good, so this doesn’t seem to have improved their opinion of Corden (personally I think Corden does his job ok, nor better nor worst than other late night hosts). But H agreeing to do this shows at least an implicit acknowledgement that this is all the US people and other audiences know him for: British prince, army veteran still trying to keep connections to that life, left royal life (not so long after marrying) and has differences with his family about it. The point you made about H going to this show without having anything to promote and allowing Corden to make jokes about the BRF or telling personal stuff that evolves toward jokes / mockery of the BRF and what they stand for, reimforce my perception he played along to make himself more visible to the US audience. And the UK media does believe he and M are trying to sell their brand / image to the US public and that’s why he did this. Corden should have known all these stunts would be unpalatable to the BRF and a good chunk of the UK public, and also that it was 95% – 99% sure H would loose the honorary military titles, but still went ahead with it just like H did because what they care about is the US audience.
    I agree there is tone-deafness about the pandemic. They did everything in open spaces so nobody could say they weren’t being covid safe, but the point is you shouldn’t leave your house to go anywhere unless it’s for the strictly necessary. And sketches aside, this conversation could have been via Zoom. It’s the same with the rumor Prince Charles want to meet face to face with Biden about climate change. Biden has to go to the UK in June, can’t Charles wait until then? And if it has to be earlier, can’t they meet via Zoom? It would be better for the enviroment too, if Charles doesn’t take a plane to the US when Biden still has to fly to the UK in a few months.
    To finish, I will say the courtiers are going to have to study the way US broadcasting companies work. They felt H upstaged the Queen because the segment aired after she spoke about covid vaccines that day in the UK. It’s unfortunate but we can’t blame H or Corden on that, nobody knew the Queen was going to speak that day. The courtiers said it was unhelpful and the media said it showed lack of coordination (meaning, H coodinating with the palace), but everybody knew that H had taped with Corden recently and it could air any day. So I would recommend that whenever it’s known H and M have taped somethimg, not to air the Queen (at least not her) or the the others until after H and M appear, to avoid the upstaging. And I say this because even if we both find a lot of cringe stuff in the segment, many people in the US and abroad loved it. A Spanish article acknowledged what the BRF wouldn’t like several things (the peeing, the cursing, the waffle maker story, etc.), but said H was funny, relatable, open and that overall he did good in taping this segment. So it seems so far H and M are achieving positive notoriety in certain circles.

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  2. Bottom line ? It confirmed Harry is a nice bloke, an Everyman. Better off out of the BRF(actory) than in. The interview was a fluff piece. We seem to crave fluff these days. I wish he and his family well. Just cut the media antics – we’ve all been sucked dry – and Meg is coming across worse every time we see her. (A waffle iron? A multi million dollar house and she requests a waffle iron for the babe????????)
    Oprah interview? As a non American who cares?

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    1. Good point about craving fluff these days! I obviously agree, as I’ve started a blog about following the soap opera drama of the BRF :). I think there is so much goodwill for Harry because we all feel like we were with him when he lost his mom. He seems like a nice enough guy. I think he’d be happiest working at a wildlife park in Africa or just living a no-name life somewhere in, like, Idaho. But his choice of wife has really made that impossible.


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