Weekly Royal Roundup

I’m posting this a day late because I had a hunch that the first ad for Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview would be put out on Sunday evening, and I was right. Here’s what the royals have been up to the past seven days:

The Queen (and the whole BRF) told us to get vaccinated

Queen Elizabeth, in a VERY rare moment, spoke out in favour of a government priority (getting UK citizens vaccinated). She urged people to think of others rather than themselves.

Sophie Wessex volunteered at a vaccination centre! She wore a t-shirt!

Will and Kate talked to women with long-term health conditions who are priority to receive COVID vaccines.

Prince Philip remains hospitalized

Prince Philip stayed in hospital for a second week. This week it was revealed that HRH is suffering from an infection but is comfortable and in good spirits. All the best to the Duke of Edinburgh. I will provide this week’s updates (anything Monday, March 1 and after) during next week’s Royal Roundup, and, of course, will write separate posts if any breaking news comes out.

Prince Harry rode on a tour bus with James Corden in LA

For a whole post on that, click here.

Oprah said the Meghan interview is the “best she’s ever done”

Gayle King said that Oprah had told her the Meghan interview was the best she’s ever done. K. I guess we’ll find out next Sunday.

The first ads for Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview dropped

Meghan doesn’t speak in either of the promos (except for a quiet “Yeah” when Harry speaks).

Some info/first thoughts on the promos:

  • The interview took place at a location in/near Santa Barbara, but not at either Harry and Meghan’s or Oprah’s houses.
  • CBS has announced that it has extended the interview from 90 minutes to 2 hours. This could be for a variety of reasons: Too much would have been left on the cutting room floor (Meghan and Harry were allegedly interviewed for two full days); incredible demand for commercial, which are going for a pretty penny; it was already agreed to be a two-hour special and CBS deliberately said it would be 90 minutes and then “extended” it for publicity reasons.
  • Meghan is wearing a $4700 floor-length silk Armani dress and black stiletto heels, as well as one of Princess Diana’s bracelets.
  • Meghan is also wearing a lot of eyeliner. This, combined with the black and white clothing palate, suggests Meghan is intentionally trying to conjure Princess Diana Panorama interview vibes. You can be the judge:

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, I’m sorry to say this, but unlike Diana that eyeliner doesn’t suit M features, in fact she’s using eyeliner plus smokey eyeshadow but it just hardens her features or something. I think even for Diana the eyeliner she wore in that interview was a little too much, now in M’s case it clashes more with her features, her usual makeup would have been better. The Daily Mail is already saying that M has a sphinx like expression, in part because she barely smiles and barely talks in those promos. I feel the makeup contributed to that vibe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! And I feel like black eyeliner is so much less popular now compared to 1995…I haven’t owned eyeliner in ages! I think she was deliberately trying to give a nod to Diana but it def isn’t the most flattering look for her. That being said, I do think she’s gorgeous generally. She’s just not doing herself any favours here.


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