Oprah’s Meghan and Harry Interview: Hour One

There was too much dirt in this interview for me to be able to summarize it in one post. So we’re going to go through the first hour of the CBS interview special in this post, and the second hour will be discussed in a second post. I’m only one person and there was SO MUCH CONTENT. So we need to break this into manageable chunks!

The first hour of the interview was just Oprah interviewing Meghan. We will get into the Harry and Meghan segment in the next post. Please be aware that there are comments about self-harm, depression, and suicidal ideations in the subsection “Mental health”. If you are struggling with mental health issues, you can reach out to SHOUT in the UK (text SHOUT to 85258 in the UK), Crisis Services Canada (text 45645), or Crisis Text Line in the United States and Canada (text HOME to 741741).

Baby news

Oprah asks Meghan if she and Harry know if they’re having a boy or a girl. Meghan says that yes, they decided to find out the sex of the baby, unlike with Archie. She says this a few times during the interview – that she and Harry chose not to know the sex of their first baby.

This was what was said by Harry and Meghan’s royal office during Meghan’s pregnancy with Archie; however, Omid Scboie and Carolyn Durand write in Finding Freedom that Meghan and Harry did, in fact, know that they were having a boy basically their entire pregnancy. This is all but confirmed by the photos leaked from Meghan’s NYC baby shower – they knew it was going to be a boy. This is the first in a line of seemingly harmless fibs that Meghan and Harry tell during the interview. Why say something that’s provably untrue? Okay. We’re 3 minutes in. God help us.

Meghan not understanding the British Royal Family

When asked what she thought entering the British Royal Family would be like, Meghan said that she admits she went into it naively. She said that she didn’t grow up knowing about the royal family because she’s American. At this point, Meghan said that her mother asked if Princess Diana had ever given any interviews to the press about her time in the royal family, to which Meghan responded that she had, in fact, given a famous and explosive interview to Martin Bashir in 1995. (I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume that the truth is being told here. If your daughter is marrying one of the most famous men in the world, you’re going to Google it. You’re going to watch Youtube clips. There is no way that the Panorama interview wasn’t part of that research.)

When asked about marrying into the family, Meghan said, “I didn’t do any research into what that would mean.” Again, I don’t believe this. She said that she had never Googled Prince Harry when they first started dating. Again, I can’t imagine that she didn’t. She also said that she and Princess Eugenie were friends before she met Harry. This is brand new information, and it leads to questioning whether Meghan is telling the truth when she said that she had never Googled Harry and didn’t know about the royal family in general. Again, weird things to fib about, but it appears that she did (or there is at least reasonable doubt).

We’re now 6 minutes in. Meghan says that she had no idea what it would be like to be a working royal and what that would look like day to day. This is clearly false. She was dating Prince Harry, who had been working as a senior member of the royal family after leaving his military career in 2015. Harry was doing the day to day work of a working member of the royal family with Will and Kate. The idea that Harry and Meghan went into this having no idea what “the job” would be like is ridiculous.

Next, Meghan says that she met Queen Elizabeth for the first time while at lunch at the Royal Lodge. If you’re unaware, Royal Lodge is the family home of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of Sussex. Meghan said that she and Harry spent a lot of time at Royal Lodge. This is problematic because a lot of rumours have been put out by Team Sussex about how they were morally disgusted by the BRF, particularly because of its coddling and support of Prince Andrew after he was accused of sexual assault of a minor and solicitation with a convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. So to hear that Meghan and Harry were on such familiar terms with Andrew and Sarah that they often visited them at their house? It’s pretty problematic. (Granted, it’s not as problematic as being Andrew and Sarah. They are vile people. But if they were so repulsed by them, why were they going to their house all the time?)

Meghan said that Harry asked Meghan if she knew how to curtsy for her first meeting with the Queen. Meghan said, “I thought, genuinely, that was what happens outside. I thought that was part of the fanfare…and that was really the first moment that the penny dropped.” She also said that she had confused the idea of fame, having been raised in LA, with the monarchy, but that those two things are not the same.

Chickens and conversation and a wedding reveal

Oprah went to Harry and Meghan’s nine bedroom mansion the next day and Meghan showed her around the chicken coop. A voiceover told us that the chickens were rescued from a factory. “I love rescuing things,” Meghan said, wearing a jacket and Hunter wellies for undetermined reasons (well, the reasons are to look more British.)

In the chicken coop, talking about “getting back to basics”, Meghan disclosed that three days before their full Windsor wedding, Harry and Meghan “got married” by the Archbishop of Canterbury in their garden at Kensington Palace. She said that they exchanged vows and only she, Harry, and the AoC were there. (This caused a frenzy in the press and on social media – it was later clarified by “sources close to the couple” that Meghan had misspoken and that they did not get legally married until the Windsor ceremony – they just exchanged vows.) Once again, this kind of fib (“We got married” as opposed to “We exchanged our own personal vows privately”) is the kind of thing that drives people crazy. It’s me. I am people. It drives me crazy. We’re only 15 minutes in.

Meghan and Kate -who made who cry

Oprah brought up the rumour that Meghan had made Kate cry during the lead-up to the wedding in May of 2018. Kate had just had Prince Louis a couple of weeks before and tension had been running high. But rather than Meghan admitting that she made Kate cry, she says that the reverse happened – that Kate made HER cry. Oprah and Meghan say that the issue in the story was correct – in the papers it had been reported that there had been tension over something to do with bridesmaid dresses (in America and Canada they are called flower girl dresses, which is what Oprah and Meghan call them in this interview). Meghan said that Kate had become upset but that she had owned it, apologized, and brought Meghan flowers.

Meghan also talked about how she was nice enough to keep this story about Kate to herself so as to not impact Kate’s image in a negative way or upset her. The direct quote was, “I would have never wanted that to come out about her.” Meghan seems not to understand that she was listing reasons why she kept this story quiet 10 seconds after having told Oprah and the entire world about it.

Silent or silenced

Meghan says that it was upsetting to have spent so many years speaking about empowering women and encouraging women to use their voices, and then becoming a member of a family in which she had to be silent. Oprah asks, “Were you silent or were you silenced?” Meghan’s response: “The latter.”

Again, for anyone who has researched the BRF, this is not news. It’s not a matter of gender, either. The purpose of the BRF is to unite the UK and the Commonwealth; therefore, members are generally not allowed to speak their feelings about matters in public. That’s just how it is.

Meghan also said that the family encouraged her not to be seen in public too much because she was “oversaturated”. We’re now 35 minutes in.

Archie’s birth, birthright, and skin colour

Meghan said that her interview with Tom Bradby from the 2019 Africa tour had revealed how lonely and unsupported she felt by the BRF, given that she had been reaching out and asking the institution for help for a long time at that point. It was about a year before the Tom Bradby interview, when Meghan was pregnant with Archie, when she and Harry learned that Archie would not become a prince upon birth or be styled with a His Royal Highness. Meghan says that this was a deviation from BRF protocol – it wasn’t. Only the children of the heir to the throne become HRH and prince/ss at birth, which is why Will and Kate’s kids are Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Archie could have been called Earl of Dumbarton upon birth, but Meghan and Harry chose not to use this title for him. It is clear protocol that Archie, upon Queen Elizabeth’s death and Charles’s ascension to the throne, will become a prince with an HRH style, as will Archie’s (currently unborn) sibling. However, Meghan was angry that the style of HRH and the title of prince would not be given to Archie at birth.

Meghan said in the interview (incorrectly) that only HRHs receive BRF-funded security officers, and that that is why they lobbied so hard for Archie to have the title and style. But Meghan also said that she felt that Archie was entitled to these things and that there was an air of him not receiving them possibly because he is the first person of colour born into the BRF. To be clear, Archie is not entitled to those things. Princess Anne’s children do not have styles or titles. Princess Eugenie’s son does not have a style or a title. Also, Archie is not the first person of colour born into the BRF – Queen Charlotte was likely of African heritage in the 1700s, and had 15 children.

Then, when asked about why they chose not to take a photo of a newborn baby Archie outside the hospital after his birth, Meghan said that no one had asked them to do that, and also that there was no need to do it since he was denied the title of prince (he wasn’t denied the title of prince, he will receive it when his grandfather becomes king). Meghan also said that there was a lot of fear around showing their baby so publicly when they knew he may not be protected due to the lack of security for him (Meghan and Harry both had BRF-funded security at the time).

Meghan launched a grenade into Buckingham Palace by saying that in addition to the talk of security and titles for Archie, that conversations had been happening regarding how dark Archie’s skin would be when he was born. Both Meghan and Harry (in hour two of the interview) refuse to say with whom they had these conversations, but they did say that it was a member of the family, and it was later clarified by Oprah that it was neither Queen Elizabeth nor Prince Philip.

Mental health

After asking if there had been a breaking point, given that Meghan had said that her time in the BRF had been “almost unsurvivable”, Meghan said that at the time of her pregnancy with Archie, “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.” Meghan said that she went to one of the most senior people in the institution, meaning one of the most senior non-family members, and asked to be sent to a hospital or a place where she could receive help for her depression and thoughts of self-harm (my words – she said that she had fears of thinking about not wanting to live and wanting to act on those thoughts). Meghan said that she was told that, because she is not a paid employee of the British Royal Family, that there was nothing that could be done. She was also told that being checked in to a place to work on her mental health would have sent a bad message if it had gotten out to the press. She said that because nothing was done by the institution, she and Harry became aware that they needed to find another solution, which later led to them leaving the BRF.

Also, Meghan said that she was unable to travel herself to get help because that until she left the BRF, her passport, drivers licence, and keys had been confiscated and that she didn’t know where they were. (This is demonstrably untrue, as evidenced by Meghan travelling all over the globe, which would have required a passport. I am not commenting on her statements about her mental health – just about the passport comment.)

That’s it for now. I’d love to hear what you think about the interview and the worldwide reaction. America seems to be almost 100% supportive of Meghan and Harry; the UK and Commonwealth countries appear to be rallying around Her Majesty, Will, Kate, and the BRF.

Thank you for reading, it means a lot to me. You can support me via Square here. Stay safe and wear a mask.

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8 thoughts on “Oprah’s Meghan and Harry Interview: Hour One

  1. I think Markle’s whole angst with the RF is based on the fact that Archie is not a Prince. It’s from where all her insecurities and jealousies stem. You know, my first grandchild was only recently born. For 7 or 8 months much of the conversation was based on skin colour and tones – because there are redheads down the line and the Australian summer is harsh on pale skin. The point being, all we have here is Harry’s distorted view about a discussion on skin colour. I’de be thinking does the red hair gene come through with a bi racial baby too. This is not racist. Its interesting and I’m no geneticist. As for MM’s state of well being : having passport and keys taken off her by the RF did not prevent her attending a swish baby shower in NY nor holidaying with the Clooney’s. As for OW and the dropping jaw bit – talk about milking it…. and the USA commentators reflections on the racist BF after their past twelve months is ludicrous. Bring on the next chapter. This saga is like reading an old MAD magazine.

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  2. Your analysis is so spot on an deeply rooted in facts and reasons. I agree with everything said here. I’m afraid that truth isn’t nearly as important as optics nowadays and it’s a sad sight to see.

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  3. Thank you for fact checking this interview. It’s sad that Oprah didn’t do that during the interview, with sound bites during editing, or even while on CBS the next morning. I’m a fact seeking person like you and you did a great job breaking everything down. It’s not not liking Meghan when you ask a question. For most of us, we want to listen to all sides and find that nugget of truth in the middle. Acting on impulse and basing your response solely on emotion is unproductive.

    A couple of things that stood out for me:
    – rescue chickens is a thing? Wasn’t she famous for making Ina Garten’s engagement roast chicken recipe for Harry?
    – why would she call Sarah, Duchess of York, Fergie? That’s a tabloid name for her. I’m certain Harry calls her Aunt Sarah or Sarah.
    – the passport thing is strange as she traveled privately and for public engagements (remember all the private jets they flew in that caused a scandal)? It was probably taken from her to reflect her new status as Duchess and diplomat for the UK.
    – her stating that no one helped her with her mental health was curious, especially as her husband saw a therapist, runs a mental health charity (at the time), and is close with his mother’s friend who is a psychoanalyst. I’m pretty sure she’s the one who eventually helped Meghan, but I’m surprised Meghan felt the need to go to HR first and not a trusted friend (or even her own doctors).
    – conflict with Kate over the flower girl dresses came out a while ago, and was denied by the Palace. It was denied again in Omid Scobie’s book Finding Freedom. So, now it’s true? So, the Palace lied to protect Meghan and Omid lied as well. A tired, post partum mother and a stressed out bride had a disagreement over a child’s dress is a non-event. It happens, so why can’t we let it lie? But she states Kate’s the better person for acknowledging the tension, apologizing and bringing flowers, yet Meghan’s the better better person for not bringing it up so as not to impact Kate’s image in a negative way. Huh?

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on Harry!

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  4. Hi, I must say the inconsistencies and flat out lies in this interview vexed me a lot, I’m willing to believe / give the benefit of the doubt to some the more serious accusations but I’m not going to give them a pass in stuff where it can be proved they lied or mislead.
    I hadn’t realized the NYC baby shower was decorated with baby boy theme or that Finding Freedom mentioned they knew it was going to be a boy. She later contradicts Finding Freedom again by claiming she didn’t research Harry or his family, public figures mind you. I’m shocked by this dismissiveness of Finding Freedom, a book that was written about her and H in more than a friendly way towards them, add to that that one of its authors is by this point a sycophant of anything she / they (but specially her) say or do. Maybe the legal case with the Daily Mail where they threatened to summon the Finding Freedom authors and the whole controversy of whether H and M cooperated directly in the book made her say things that would contradict it and made it look like the authors took poetic license and didn’t get their info from her. But more troubling than contradictions with Finding Freedom is the fact that a 36 year old woman with a prior divorce entered a relationship with a public figure of a public family and didn’t think to research them. It’s irresponsible at the least, and a total lie at the worst. If true she’s daft, if a lie she’s taking us all for stupids and lying to our faces. More so when you do a search online and find the story about her trip to Europe with a friend at 15 and the accompanying photo of both sitting outside Buckingham Palace (some people might be dismissive of this data because she was so young, but come on, she must have heard something about royalty while in England). Not to mention the whole “I knew Eugenie” that we didn’t know about, is Eugenie the friend who actually arranged the blind date and not Misha Nonoo like people thought?
    You make a good point about her mother, it would be unbelievable to think she also acted in this way.
    Your point about her dating H and seeing what he did but now saying she didn’t know the implications of the job she signed up for also makes her look like an idiot, pretty much contradicts her own engagement interview, and anyone that’s not a fan of her cult realizes she must be lying.
    It annoys me beyond measure the story about her first meeting with the Queen. In this story is H the one who looks like an idiot and worst, like an ahole. Basically she’s saying he took her to meet the Queen without preparing her first, and then later asked her if she knew this important detail that she needed to do in front of the Quen when they are in the middle of their car ride over there. This guy is either careless or what, and if it was me I would have given him a piece of my mind. Seems to me it shouldn’t be glossed over as something “he forgot”, and pretend it wasn’t a big deal, for me it would be a big deal. This seems to be a theme implicit and explicit with H during the interview, he’s either careless or a moron. About Sarah and Andrew, I don’t even know what to say, H and M could argue they weren’t aware of the serious accusations against Andrew, is true things exploded more for him in 2018, this meeting is supposed to have happened earlier but who knows where were their heads in all this, they have been careless with less.
    The wedding vs blessing thing, I’m with you, it also drives me crazy, and she threw the AoC under the bus, when he had been nothing but kind to her the whole time.
    Meghan, Kate and who made who cry. Kate is Capricorn, Meghan is Leo, those are signs with very strong and headstrong personalities, trust me I know (my dad is a Capricorn and an uncle, aunt and other family members are Leo), and I guess either way is possible. What does sound bad is the rumor that when Kate went to apologize with the flowers Meghan slammed the door in her face, and the other version of this rumor saying the flowers ended up in the trash. It would have been more gracious to say there was a disagreement, like: she had recently given birth, I had pre wedding nerves, we both said things we didn’t mean and solved it later. People are giving kudos to M for saying a whole “if you love me you don’t have to hate her and if you love her don’t have to hate me”, newsflash M, your political nephews and Kate are getting death threats after your interview. A friend of mine told me today that it wasn’t H and M’s fault and that everyone should own up to their actions and while I agree with the sentiment I disagree in the sense this isn’t the world we’re living in, there are many nutjobs out there and they don’t need estimulous to carry on an attack. Like you said, M doesn’t seem to realize she’s complimenting and sinking Kate at the same time, this is why for many M comes accross as entitled and in her own reality. Some are even going paranoic thinking that M has some sort of sinister fixation with Kate. M wanted to defend herself, I get it, but she could have been more diplomatic towards Kate.
    When the first allegations of conflict between M and her staff came up, me and I’m sure others thought it was due partly or mostly to cultural differences in the workplace between the UK and the US. Now is hard to see whether M is malicious or we’re still dealing with a cultural clash rivaling the opening of Disneyland Paris / Eurodisney in the 90s. Your points are spot on and it seems M either took offense of what they tried to tell her or didn’t get it, because she was indeed overexpossed. Same with her viewpoints problem, but this issue I read it in an article last year, for M the talk about women’s empowerment isn’t political, for the Brits it’s political because any action in that arena will lead to legislation and political debate. She seems unable to comprehend this and that it can happen with other things like voting rights and etc., so the clash was inevitable in that sense. I’m unsure whether this woman isn’t very bright, is too headstrong and sure of the rightness of her opinions, or shady with an agenda.
    I lost count of how many people I have had to explain the 1917 and 2012 letters patent about the prince titles and HRH. What is extraordinary is that H did such a lousy job explaining this to his bride or making sure someone explained her this. M couldn’t even make a proper distinction between George V and George VI and sounded a little dismissive when trying to quote this parameter and not properly remembering who approved it. One would think she would have memorized it at least for this interview. In fairness Diana also resisted the training at the beginning, she didn’t want to read a bunch of books they gave her, but she was born there and was 19 / 20 years old. M claims she didn’t receive training at all, not even for the UK national anthem (begs the question of which country gives more importance to an anthem, the US or the UK?) Yet it was reported that the Queen gave her a very trusted person to help her. So what is going on here? And why H didn’t protest about this?
    It’s very upsetting that M conflated serious accusations of racism with the regulations about titles and security concerns for her son. Personally I think it should have been H alone narrating the incident, it fuels her critics because it looks like it was done for the US audience, like it had to come up from her mouth to mobilize the black community in the US in her favour (which has sort of worked, if by any chance her saying it and not him was the intention). Seeing what did happen, why not say the name? They should have, there is no point in covering for this person, and I’ve seen people already comparing her to Jussie Smollett. You don’t want to give more fuel to your critics or jeopardize your credibility when you are saying strong accusations (yet the latter had already happened by this point, and I feel when saying strong accusations you have to be very sure why you are doing it, when you are doing it and how you are doing it). And she’s throwing almost all the royal family under the bus by not identifying the culpit). So then we have her insinuate the kid wouldn’t be a prince even though he should be because it seemed they were changing the rules and that those changes were actually being made because of his race, and that at the end she didn’t care if he was a prince or not, except that being a prince guaranteed him having a security detail and without that title there was no security for him. And H is letting her say all this stuff that either isn’t true or they were mislead or they misunderstood stuff. So either he doesn’t know the inner workings of how his family lives, or they are misleading people. The kid will have those titles once Charles is king. Unless some courtiers wanted H and M to think that the 1917 letters patent would be changed in detriment of their son, there is no indication this change is in the works by Charles or his staff (unless the House is lying about this one as well). It seems Charles didn’t even intend to include them in the lot that would go away with the slimmed down monarchy. The security is not tied to the prince title and in fact is tied to being a senior working royals or royals working puntual representation compromises. It’s amazing H believes this, he looks like he didn’t know anything about how his own staff worked, he also looks entitled in a different way. Some have told me that the optics of the Queen not doing an exception for H and M children before Archie was born like she did for Will and Kate in 2012 when Kate was pregnant with George look bad from a racial perspective, I don’t know, I guess she either didn’t want to change the rules or it falls in the eventual slimming down the monarchy. Now her friend Janina said today they have evidence of racism, they should present it, period.
    The mental health issue, this is the thing: like the racist incident with the dumb relative, I’m open to believe it. I can even bypass whatever coincidences her story has with Diana’s suicide attempts (which some have pointed out). But I do think she already had mental health issues before joining this family, probably due to childhood trauma from her parents divorce and being biracial in a country like the US. I think H also has childhood trauma from his parents marriage / divorce and his mother’s death. They both should be speaking with a therapist instead of Oprah. Some say why she went to HR, who handle staff only, when H could have gotten her someone from the mental health charities he worked with. People are questioning where was H in all this. This seems to be a theme with H. Where was he that he didn’t get her proper training? Where was he that he didn’t realize she was struggling until she told him? Why does it sound like he didn’t took that much iniciative in getting her help except concluding they needed to leave in all senses (well there was the half in / half out role they wanted in Jan. 2020 but if he thought the Queen would go for it he really doesn’t know her). He could have made an scandal internally, maybe even externally, over the alledged refusal of not letting M seek help due to fears of the press finding out about it.
    The passport thing, do royals even have or need password? Maybe that’s why the courtiers took hers? Why didn’t she ask what they needed it for? Why did she deliver it to them, she could have refused, told H about it, ask him to find out what was going on? Which keys did they took? If her car was in Canada or the US, why would they need the car keys, for example? Were those keys the ones of her place in Canada? Normally keys are house and car keys, in her casr both things aren’t supposed to be in the UK, same with the driver’s license, why did they need the driver’s license from another country, and why she surrendered it? Did they also took her credit cards (I assume she had those, or did she cancel them before leaving Canada and the US. How did she move from the UK to Canada to then the US if she lacked her passport and the driver’s license?
    I have more to say, but I will wait the other post.

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  5. This post is spot-on. I am so glad I discovered this blog. It is so sad to see M and H throw his entire family under the bus in such a public way. If they wanted to get out and lead a quiet life, that is one thing– but it is clearly not the case. The are literally setting up “an alternative royal court”– which is a danger to the British Monarchy. William must be furious as the Monarchy is, after all, his childrens’ birthright. Your post was very well researched and analyzed. I hope they will stop hurting the BRF and act like adults but it appears with this latest H/Oprah Mental Health piece that H is going to drop even more bombs on his family. What is also hard to stomach is that he throws his family under the bus but he would have none of his wealth, platform, etc. without them. He’d be a regular, maybe upper class person– working 80-100 hours a week in finance to earn even a fraction of the wealth he has now. I have been a fan of H for a long time but I fear that M is ruining him and that this was all part of her self-absorbed narcissistic plan to climb, climb, climb. Please keep writing and posting. Your work is terrific.


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