Weekly Royal Roundup

Zara Tindall had a baby on her bathroom floor!

Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall delivered a baby boy, named Lucas, last Sunday. The baby came so quickly that Zara and her husband Mike didn’t have time to get to the hospital – Zara delivered the baby at their home, on a yoga mat on the bathroom floor. The news was broken on Mike Tindall’s rugby podcast, The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby.


  1. Zara Tindall is a BOSS. Delivering a baby at home? On a yoga mat on the floor? I feel like she deserves some recognition for that.
  2. PUSH PRESENTS! I’m a huge believer in gifts for people who deliver a baby from their body. I hope Mike gets her a massive diamond or a car or whatever she wants. And obviously the present should be bigger than a normal push present, because of the fast home-birth situation. I can’t state this enough: Zara is a rock star.
  3. Mike is clearly besotted. It’s very sweet. More rugby players being soft and adorable in my media diet, please!

Harry got two jobs!

This week, Prince Harry announced that he has been hired as Chief Impact Officer of a tech startup, as well as a Commissioner of Disinformation for an American think tank. You can read more about the first job that was announced, Chief Impact Officer for mental health tech startup BetterUp, here. I’m going to do a post on the think tank job, but basically: it’s Harry and Meghan trying to solidify themselves as political actors in America.

Meghan baked a cake and sent it to Chicago!

Meghan and Harry’s charity Archewell paid for a meal for female-identifying World Central Kitchen volunteers in Chicago to celebrate Women’s History Month. Meghan sent a personal message and a lemon cake that she baked herself with lemons from her and Harry’s home in Montecito. Coles Notes on this:

  1. This is a clearly staged publicity stunt to benefit both Archewell and World Central Kitchen. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying that Archewell and WCK are both represented by PR firm Sunshine Sachs. This is a deliberate effort to make both organizations look good and woke during Women’s History Month.
  2. The PR attempt definitely worked – I saw lots of gushing articles about how Meghan baked the lemon cake herself and used lemons from her own garden.
  3. However, it’s important to note that sending a homemade cake from California to Chicago overnight would cost at least a couple hundred dollars and involve shipping it via airmail. So two environmentalists put a cake on a plane (think of the carboon footprint!) and spent hundreds of dollars to do it, just so some PR spin about Meghan baking a cake could be released. They could have much more easily given a couple hundred dollars to a female, BIPOC-owned bakery in Chicago to provide dessert. Then they would have been supporting women, BIPOC people, local business, and not contributing to their carbon footprint. But if they did that, there wouldn’t have been loved-up articles like this:

Charles and Camilla went to Greece!

They went as representatives of the United Kingdom for Greece’s bicentenary celebrations. Greece is an important country to the British Royal Family, as it’s where Charles’s father, Prince Philip, was born. Remember that Prince Philip, before being a prince of the United Kingdom, was a prince of Greece and Denmark.

There was some moaning about Charles and Camilla having gone to Greece when the UK was locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they went on diplomatic business – they were actually formally asked to go to Greece by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – so they only needed negative COVID-19 tests to leave the country, rather than a period of self-isolation. The diplomatic travel rules re: COVID only apply to members of the diplomatic party, however, so most media outlets decided to stay in the UK, as they would have been subject to a 10-day isolation period upon return to the UK.

It was announced late Saturday evening that Kate’s national COVID-19 photography project with the National Portrait Gallery, called Hold Still, will be made into a book. Proceeds from the book will go to the National Portrait Gallery and health charity Mind.

Kate wrote a foreword to a book!

Along with the announcement of the book came a new photo of Kate, along with some of her foreword for the book. Kate wrote that she hopes the Hold Still project will “showcase the experiences and emotions borne during this extraordinary moment in history, pay tribute to the awe-inspiring efforts of all who have worked to protect those around them, and provide a space for us to pause and reflect upon this unparalleled period.”

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, they might never read this but congratulations to the Tindalls for the birth of their baby. There is certainly a baby boom in royalty and showbusiness (other births were announces this week including a new Swedish prince). It’s also significant that both Zara and Princess Eugenie along with their husbands decided to honor their grandfather by using the name Phillip as middle name for their sons, it’s good he is still alive to at least hear of this and maybe see the babies later this year.
    I forgot to mention in your prior article about H and Better Up that I totally agree with you observation about H’s brand and how it’s affected by this new job. I think many us of can see that this company hired him precisely to use his title on their marketing and as part of their image, and that’s why the Palace will likely monitor this closely to see if they keep using his Dukedom as promotional material. Btw, today I read he has been working with them since January.
    M and her cake, I agree with everything you said, personally I’ve never been much of a fan of public self promotion ever since I was little, that said I think more worrying aspects to PR stunt than that are the carbon footprint and the lack of critical thinking the US media is showing since the interview. It seems to me their PR firm has a strong hold over many US magazines and entertainment news outlets, and the are working desperately to make this couple look good, despite the fact their credibility has been damaged in many circles once the discrepances in the interview started to come up plus their recent clarification about not being married 3 days before the televised wedding.
    I’m not surprised that Charles and Camilla received criticism for their diplomatic trip to Greece because nowadays many forget / don’t know that 200 years ago when Greece won independence from the Turkish / Otoman empire, it was the British who helped Greece in their independence war. So even if for Charles and many the link between the UK and Greece is Prince Phillip, in reality the links between both countries go another 100 beyond that, and I’m pretty sure the goverments of both countries know this and that’s why they coordinated this trip, somebody important representing the Brits had to be there (just as a comment, Lord Byron was one of the strongest supporters for Greek independence).
    Finally, I think is good that Kate has continued with her photography project, I think it shows she’s moving forward with her life and projects and not paralized by this M and H scandal, plus is not a bad project, it will be useful for historians and sociologist in the future.

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  2. It’s quite funny how you have to explain Covid rules in different countries because people are complaining that Charles and Camilla are in Greece (abiding by the rules), yet most people didn’t even murmur a concern over Meghan baking a cake (against Covid rules as it’s not a health inspected kitchen) and mailing it with a huge carbon footprint. It’s such a shame she didn’t ask a Black run bakery to supply $200 worth of cakes to these volunteers. It would have been a great impact and a completely win-win situation.

    I noticed that pre-sales on Catherine’s Hold Still book are sold out! That’s extraordinary and wonderful to see the focus placed on the photographers and their subjects.


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