Weekly Royal Roundup

The Cambridges were quiet

It’s a quiet week from the Cambridges, as Prince George and Princess Charlotte had a week-long term break from school. Usually when there are school breaks during term, Will and Kate lighten their public schedules in order to spend time with their kids. The KensingtonRoyal Instagram posted a smashed chocolate egg wishing us a happy Easter, but that was about it. I like that Will and Kate take breaks when they want to spend more time with their kids.

The Queen and Prince Charles went for an Easter walk

The Queen and Prince Charles went for a walk on the Frogmore grounds at Windsor Castle. This is Frogmore House, the site of Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception, and not Frogmore Cottage, the house that Harry and Meghan lived in for a brief time.

The photos were released over the Easter weekend by The Queen’s social media accounts (@ RoyalFamily) and Charles’s social media accounts (@ Clarence House).

Harry and Meghan updated their Archewell website

Harry and Meghan’s team updated the Archewell.com site with some new photos and stories. Two things I noticed:

They used this photo of Harry and Meghan planting forget me nots (Diana’s favourite flower) at a preschool in LA last year. There was a kerfuffle when this happened, because 1) they brought their own photographer to document it – how else would they have the nice photos for their website? and 2) it turns out that LA was in such a COVID lockdown at the time they did this publicity stunt that not even the preschool children’s parents were allowed in the school. So parents can’t walk their children into the preschool but it’s okay for two strangers and a photographer to be allowed in to the school to INTERACT WITH THE CHILDREN THERE? Mkay.

The second thing I noticed is that there are generic inspirational photos throughout the website that are credited to Lee Morgan. If you don’t remember, Lee Morgan is the LA fashion photographer who accompanied Harry and Meghan to the LA veterans cemetery for their sombre Remembrance Sunday photoshoot.

The Archbishop of Canterbury confirmed Harry and Meghan weren’t wed three days before their wedding

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby spoke with Italian newspaper La Repubblica this week. Here is what he had to say about Harry and Meghan’s wedding and whether he actually married them three days before the public ceremony, as Meghan told Oprah:

The fact that the Archbishop of Canterbury needed to respond to this publicly just shows that his life was kind of thrown into disarray by Meghan’s comments. She clearly didn’t think of the toll it would take on the Archbishop, or that people would question whether the Archbishop had committed “a serious criminal offence” when she told Oprah that they were married by the AoC three days before their actual wedding. Have Harry and Meghan apologized to the AoC for this? It would be nice if they did, given the chaos they created with their comments.

April is going to be banana pancakes

This week, I learned some British slang from readers of the blog. It’s “porkies” or “pork pies”. I had never heard this phrase before, but I got probably 10 messages saying that Meghan and Harry were telling “porkies” about their “wedding” three days before their actual wedding. A quick search on Urban Dictionary enlightened me:

What a fun new word! So I wanted to return the favour. Sometimes I say that something is “banana pancakes”. This means crazy or chaotic. So when I say that this month is going to be banana pancakes, this is what I mean:

Important BRF Dates – April

Easter – April 1-5

Charles and Camilla’s 16th wedding anniversary – April 9

Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday – April 21

Prince Louis’ third birthday – April 23

Tenth wedding anniversary of Will and Kate – April 29


As always, I’ll be here providing analysis on the royal news that pops up. Please be patient if you’re waiting on a post about something specific – I take a lot of time and care to write these posts and would rather it be a few days after the event than to do something shoddily. If you need breaking news analysis, your best bet is to follow me on Instagram – I do stories pretty frequently, and even Q&As to answer any burning questions that you have.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. For all their talk of compassion they don’t seem to realize how much their lie would’ve impacted the archbishop. And regarding their pics, it was them, the photographer, AND undoubtedly security. And now these children have their pictures all over the internet and now on a website. I wonder if the parents signed the appropriate release forms. And I wonder how a parent could feel comfortable with a school willing to change its policies just for two rich people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ella! If I was a parent at that school, I would have been furious. I’m sure that the preschool would have reasoned that a visit from Harry and Meghan was worth probably hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertisements for the school; however, during a global pandemic, I would want my child’s educators to be thinking more about the safety of children than good PR.


  2. Hi, I agree with the prior comment and your comment about the Archbishop situation and the PR photos.
    About the first, even after that interview with the italian newspaper was published, there are people arguing that M never meant a legal wedding, that it was clear she meant personal wedding vows and some of these people say they understood that she mean personal wedding vows from the get go. To this argument I have replied to some of them lately with the following: are we supposed to have pyschic abilities now, to know for sure that’s what she meant? She clearly say to Oprah “you know, 3 days before our wedding, we got married. Nobody knows that” and the whole explanation she gave after that, at no point there was a clarification these were personal wedding vows and not legally binding. H agreed with M when he added the whole “just the 3 of us”. Who could know we needed to read between lines, according to their accolites? Another problem is that some in the US defend them thinking the way marriages can be celebrated in the US is the same way in the rest of the world, they don’t realize personal wedding vows is a new thing that is not legally or religiously binding in many countries in terms of making a marriage legit. For this reason they don’t get why the British media, the vicars and many in general were annoyed by this whole thing and end up thinking is racism or haters that want to troll M, etc., when the frustration here is how the traditions and laws of a nation could have been disrespected (plus the wedding cost and that she called it “spectacle”, that didn’t help either).
    About the second, all I will say is, had it been me one of the parents of those preescholers, the school would have gotten a piece of my mind and I think I would have gone to the school board, I know people in the US have complained to school boards for less than that in pre pandemic times. If the school board couldn’t help I think there are other places where one can complain, for example TV stations. Maybe nothing happened because the parents were aware that the photos would be taken and they consented, I guess only time will tell but for the moment that could be why this hasn’t been more of a scandal.


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