Meghan leaked a story about herself during Prince Philip’s funeral

As you know, Meghan Markle was not able to travel to London for the funeral of her husband’s grandfather, Prince Philip. This makes sense, as she is in her third trimester of pregnancy and the flight (Los Angeles to London) is a long one. There has been some speculation that her pregnancy excuse was convenient, as she likely didn’t want to come back to the UK or see members of the BRF anyway.

Either way, it seemed to work out for everyone that Meghan stayed behind while Harry boarded a plane back to the UK. It would be the first time he would see any members of his family since he moved to Montecito and publicly slammed his family and the institution of monarchy to Oprah Winfrey on CBS.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, Harry spent the vast majority of his time before the funeral in isolation inside Frogmore Cottage, the house he and Meghan left for California. As far as I can tell, no photos of Harry on his trip to London or during his isolation period in Windsor were published. He flew under the radar. The first time we saw Harry was during the procession to St. George’s Chapel for the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip. Harry and his brother William walked to the chapel with Peter Phillips in between them. The focus was on Prince Philip and the funeral service that had been planned to honour him.

However, three minutes before the actual funeral started, an entertainment and royals reporter for HuffPost in the States, Carly Ledbetter, posted the following Tweet:

It’s pretty tacky for the Sussexes, through a spokesperson, to have given information on Harry’s medals worn at his grandfather’s funeral, especially three minutes before the funeral was due to start.

None of the other members of the BRF or their offices gave background information on what they were wearing to broadcasters. They know that there are so many broadcasters and reporters and bloggers looking at them that someone will figure out what they are wearing and if there is any significance to it. This happened yesterday at the funeral when numerous outlets reported that Kate was wearing jewellery on loan from the Queen, and that Lady Louise Windsor was wearing an equestrian brooch as a tribute to her grandfather, who loved horses. There is no need to put out a statement about it.

But I gave Harry and Meghan the benefit of the doubt on it. Maybe their office had been inundated with requests about the medals Harry would be wearing. Maybe they sent a generic email to everyone who asked. Maybe they sent it 12 hours before the funeral, and HuffPost decided to post about it three minutes before the funeral.

But then, six minutes into the funeral, Jack Royston, a Newsweek reporter who is friendly with the Sussexes, published a story and posted about Meghan commemorating the loss of Prince Philip by watching the funeral in Montecito and sending a handwritten note to Windsor Castle.

This is the moment that the benefit of the doubt for Meghan and Harry went away. Two stories in nine minutes, timed to be published at the beginning of the funeral service, is not a coincidence. Harry and Meghan, via their publicists, were leading a PR push for themselves, literally during Harry’s grandfather’s funeral service.

But wait, We (and Harry and Meghan’s publicists at Sunshine Sachs) are just getting started.

Toward the end of the funeral service (check the timestamp on the published story and the Tweet), Harper’s Bazaar published, and Sussex-favoured royal reporter Omid Scobie retweeted, the following story:

This story is chock full of details that only Harry and (more likely) Meghan could have given to their favourite reporters. Here are some of the details about the “custom” wreath that they sent to Prince Philip’s funeral, and how thoughtful and involved Meghan and Harry were in the design of the wreath:

It is believed that the wreath described in the Harper’s story is the second wreath from the right (the purple one). This is because we know that Meghan’s wreath was laid in St. George’s Chapel with other wreaths from members of the family; and we also know that a lot of the flowers mentioned in the Harper’s story (bear’s breeches, campanula, sea holly, lavender) are purple. I want to point out that no other members of the royal family, dignitaries, or diplomats sent out press information about the wreaths that they sent to the Queen or the rest of the family. They just sent the wreaths, as you do.

Back to the article. It is full of inane commentary on how the wreath was “hand-made” “custom” for the service. Yes, flower arrangements are always hand-made. And at royal funerals, all wreaths being commissioned by royal family members, dignitaries, or diplomatic officials are custom-made for the occasion. You can’t just call 1-800-FLOWERS and ask for a medium-sized wreath to be sent to Windsor Castle. And, like I said before, no one else is giving a detailed look into why their wreath looks the way it looks. The Canadian people sent a wreath. It was made of red and white flowers, because those are the colours of our country’s flag. Nobody had to say it explicitly, because it’s not about the Canadian people. It’s about sending a token of condolence and commemoration.

The Harper’s article also mentions that the flowers for the wreath were “locally sourced”. Locally sourced. In London? One of the world’s largest cities, which contains thousands of florists and presumably every type of flower you could ever imagine to put in a wreath? Well, colour me impressed. It’s these sort of meaningless grammatical flourishes that stink of the American PR machine. Meghan and Harry are trying to get extra credit for their wreath having been made by a human person, designed especially for an occasion, and made with flowers from the city in which the mourners live. Weird flexes, but okay. The wording around these details is as flowery as the locally sourced, hand-made wreath lying in St. George’s Chapel right now.

If Meghan could have reasonably baked a cake and FedExed it to Windsor Castle, I’m sure she would have done it and we would have heard about it. But she couldn’t, so we got details about a note and a wreath. Details that speak as much to Meghan and Harry’s desire to be adored by the press and the public, as they do to the life of the man the wreath was meant to commemorate.

Newsweek and Harper’s must have known that such an article, with incredibly specific details that could only be provided from Harry and Meghan, would get the most clicks during the actual funeral, when the most people were tuning in and following along on social media. For a media/entertainment company to make that decision makes sense. They are working to make money and get eyeballs on their website. But for Meghan and Harry to leak that information – to agree to have the media organizations Meghan is friendly with publish that information and make things about her rather than the funeral of Prince Philip – is despicable. It took my breath away.

PS: I am laying a lot of responsibility for this at Meghan’s feet, as it has her name written all over it; but Harry is just as culpable for such a display, even if all he did was sign off on the PR plan. To try to upstage your 99 year old grandfather’s funeral mid-service? That’s a low I didn’t know Meghan and Harry could reach.

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16 thoughts on “Meghan leaked a story about herself during Prince Philip’s funeral

  1. Wow, great article and great catch on the PR push. I watched the ceremony on CBC so I didn’t have to hear gossip. I re-watched it later on the RF’s YouTube. I also didn’t click on any of the articles you mentioned because, exactly like you said, it was a PR push for her and the day was about Prince Philip
    It’s shocking to me that people still look at Meghan and Harry with admiration. To try to benefit off a person’s death is beyond the pale. She really can’t control herself from being the center of attention, and that’s not part of the RF’s ethos. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised that she would do this at a funeral, when she did the same thing (announced her pregnancy) at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

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    1. It really is becoming a regular thing, Meghan needing to upstage other members of the family on important days for them. I can’t imagine that her PR firm would condone or suggest that…or maybe I’m just not an LA person and they are fully on board with it? I spoke to a Canadian PR person yesterday and she said that it’s important your PR team not be blindly loyal to the people they’re publicizing. I’m not sure that H&M have any people on their team who are willing to tell them “No” or that something is a bad idea.

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      1. Narcist comes to mind! What a self-serving thing to do. She knew the guy for a min. they weren’t BFF’s, She used the family to get the wedding, and the title and then use it in the USA to make a living. It has got to be embarrassing to Harry, I would hope this was pointed out in meeting with his father, and William. Too bad Harry didn’t marry a woman with class, this woman is disgusting. this was about Phillip and his family, absolutely nothing else. especially from someone that didn’t know him. she made things about herself when she told the family she was Preg at the other’s Wedding party, then when she said she had a miscarriage, and now this? She is a sick women. Harry run…

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    2. I’m completely shocked after reading this, but really what else would you expect from Meghan to try to be the main centre of attention right up to 6 minutes before the service. Is there any lower that Meghan can drop? What was her reasoning for writing these 2 posts practically up the last minute before the farewell ceremony began and Harry definitely made sure he was noticed and with the Queen denying him to wear his military uniform Meghan had to make sure everyone knew what his medals referred to not even taking into account setting out the complete lists of flowers in the wreath, where they were sourced from and what was Harry holding in his hand, a black iPad, or a recorder so he wouldn’t get bored during the service. Most definitely an extremely huge PR stint carried out by both of them. At the time I did feel a bit sorry for Harry as he looked so sad and in deep thought in the Chapel, but will the Queen grant him permission to stay in the U.K. for her birthday and why did Harry book only a one way ticket? Is he clearly thinking about staying in the U.K. at Frogmore Cottage and not going back to the US? Where would he expect to live as Euginie and her husband now live in Frogmore Cottage, if Harry is intending to say in the U.K. does that mean the newly wed couple will have to look for a new abode? And what’s this about sending a letter in reference to Prince Philip, sure Prince Philip couldn’t get rid of them quickly enough but all this to be carried out on the exact day and practically the same time as the farewell ceremony was about to begin how much more disrespectful can Meghan be, but, obviously to which she will totally deny doing in a means to take over the attention of Prince Philip’s farewell ceremony. Rot in hell Meghan but don’t worry Harry will not be far behind you. Totally and utterly so disrespectful and disgusting behaviour towards HRH The Duke of Windsor, Prince Philip. Meghan just couldn’t have a PR occasion bypass her by and the fact that the senior working Royals were denied wearing their military uniforms just because Harry and Andrew would not stand out absolutely sickens me and I feel that they were completely degraded, demeaned and totally disrespected by not being allowed to wear their full military uniforms but to wear black mourning tails to show off a United family. Absolutely shocking

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      1. Wow, I didn’t realize he had an IPad – maybe documenting it for his channel???

        I now wonder if the flowers were already ordered to be for a bouquet for Prince Philip’s birthday in June, but he passed away in April!!!

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    3. The aggressive, near-daily updates on the lives of Harry and Meghan, filled with tedious, superfluous details and woke truisms meant to sound wise and/or compassionate smack of relentless, stultifying PR from a tone-deaf team. Most Americans are bored with them…only the entertainment and gossip media seem fascinated. Always, always there is a vulgar, self-absorbed tone to everything the couple does. Enough!

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  2. Nailed it! This article perfectly sums up Meghan’s remarkably crass, narcissistic behavior yesterday. Her consistent self aggrandizing stands in stark contrast to the quiet dignity of the royal family. Meghan continues to show us exactly who she is.

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  3. Saw this on Twitter, feel it’s probably applicable (paraphrasing): “When my grandfather died, his brother (my great-uncle) was person non-grata, for complicated reasons. Tensions and emotions were high but we kept it together at the funeral for my grandmother’s sake. However when the sherry came out at the reception…”

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  4. Hi, I’m glad you wrote this article because you described details I didn’t know about this. It doesn’t surprise me one bit, I realized a while ago they would stop at nothing to achieve whatever it is they are trying to achieve (self-agrandazing, self-promotion, money, fame, revenge, I’m not sure which but whatever it is they are on it). I do think this sort of things are more M than H and in that case is about fame for her, but H is no innocent party at all in this, for example the medals’ description is something he would dominate, her not so much.
    The description of the wreath does sound very US PR machine, sadly many over there are quickly impressed when they hear something was “custom made” and “locally sourced”, they think it was made by an artisan and / or very ecological, enviromentally-friendly company. There were many who didn’t fall for this though, many said if she / they wanted to honor prince Phillip, then the interview shouldn’t air when it did, they or H should have come to visit him, they shouldn’t have accused the family of racism the way they did, etc. Another thing some pointed out is that wreaths normally have white flowers, I don’t know much about this so I guess they referred to wreaths from family members, but these commentators critized that the wreath had purple flowers and not white ones.
    Something similar happened with the note from M, many were saying it was “too little, too late” and similar things, and there were several who questioned why H and M felt the need to publish all this, why they couldn’t honor prince Phillip in a private way instead of divulging everything. In the case of the note, I would add that I don’t know what’s M and her people fixation with her caligraphy, we get it, she has a nice penmanship and likes to write notes herself, they don’t have to mention it every single time she sends a note to someone yet the US media does and this clearly comes from her PR people. It adds to the feeling of aggresive self-promotion.
    In a more lighter note about the funeral, some media is consulting body language experts and lip-readers and the body language experts noticed H rolled over his shoulders when entering the chapel, a gesture they say was to give himself confidence and assurance. It could be true, I don’t know, but what I did find more ludicrous was the lip-readers, William took off his mask out of the chapel but Harry didn’t so I don’t get how lip-readers claim to know what both said, only William’s side of the conversation would be visible.

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  5. Nothing surprises me anymore about Harry’s wife M. Her behaviour has been deplorable for a very long time. She has no consideration for anyone in the Royal Family and that includes Her Majesty The Queen, she clearly despises the British public and is only interested in gaining publicity. I just wish all news agencies would ignore anything she or her PR team put out, stop publishing it and maybe she will crawl back into her hole.

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  6. Nothing surprises me anymore about Harry’s wife M. Her behaviour has been deplorable for a very long time. She has no consideration for anyone in the Royal Family and that includes Her Majesty The Queen, she clearly despises the British public and is only interested in gaining publicity. I just wish all news agencies would ignore anything she or her PR team put out, stop publishing it and maybe she will crawl back into her hole.


  7. Personally I think it’s likely that the details of the wreath were given to the press but the timing of the publication of this tweet is out of Megan’s and certainly Harry’s hands.
    Our royal family constantly has to battle against all types of media that sets out to make them look bad


  8. Thank you for the well written article !!!

    I am sharing it on a couple of sites!!
    I googled “flowers of Greece” – Anyone can do it , rose – flower for June .
    Birthstone – pearl ( Kate!s necklace and earrings, Queen’s pin)

    Talk about misinformation – Worse yet- “Entertainment Tonight “ was saying it was Meghan ‘s arrangement on top of the casket!!!
    It was clearly the Queen’s as his wife of 73 years !!!

    How can I follow you on Twitter??

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  9. I just recently found your website. Your articles are spot on and informative. I am an American and from the start with Harry and Meghan’s interview something was not right with how she conducted herself. Meghan seemed to love the spotlight and would not allow Harry to get a word in. It all went downhill from there. She is causing a divide between a family and then wants positive attention for “showing kindness” towards the family with this wreath. She should learn to stay quiet, no more interviews and be truly supportive and respectful of her husband’s family. She herself should issue a private sincere apology to each and every one of her in-laws. She is not fooling anyone and is just causing more harm than good.

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  10. Honestly, I put the blame squarely on Harry for not having the common sense & decency to call his wife to order – this has meghan written all over it…this was a time of great loss to his family & for them to divert attention from the program with meaningless info about a wreath they sent was beyond shallow & totally classless…

    Harry is a train wreck about to happen & Meghan would just up & move on to the next big thing as usual since she uses & dumps people once they outlive their usefulness in her social climbing craze – oh I forgot, she’s got her lifeline guaranteed with the kid(s)…

    My prayers & love to HM the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William & their wonderful family who value tradition & loyalty above cheap publicity stunts…

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