Weekly Royal Roundup

Welcome back to the Weekly Royal Roundup, which had been on hiatus during the official mourning period for Prince Philip.

Will and Kate honoured one of Prince Philip’s longtime patronages

On Monday, Will and Kate visited a squadron of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, of which Prince Philip was patron for 63 years. In 2015, he handed this patronage over to Kate, who is now Honorary Air Commandant of the Cadets.

Kate rewore a black Dolce and Gabbana coat from her wardrobe, which elicited some negative feedback from the media and the public. Dolce and Gabbana is a problematic brand, let out.com catch you up on why we don’t mess with D&G anymore. It’s a black coat (appropriate during the mourning period after the death of Prince Philip), and it’s a rewear, which speaks to Will and Kate’s desire to be environmentally friendly, which is especially important for them to note during Earth Month/Week (Earth Day was a few days after this appearance). But Kate has more than one black coat. Donate this one, please. You don’t need it in your wardrobe.

Queen Elizabeth quietly marked her 95th birthday

The Queen marked her 95th birthday quietly at Windsor Castle. Some family members visited and it is believed that the Queen took her two puppies for a walk, but nothing officially took place due to her birthday occurring during the two weeks of official mourning after the death of her husband. Queen Elizabeth took the opportunity of her birthday to release this statement of gratitude to people who have expressed sympathy after the passing of her husband:

Harry went back to LA

Prince Harry flew back to Los Angeles from London after the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip. He landed in LA on Tuesday afternoon. Some blurry photos of a car service picking him up at the private LAX terminal and dropping him off at his home in Montecito were released. People, mostly people in the UK, wondered why he would fly back on the Tuesday knowing that the next day, April 21, was the Queen’s 95th birthday. Here is the Daily Mail’s take on it:

Charles went to Wales

With the news that Prince Harry was going to fly back to LA as soon as possible, Prince Charles decided to head to his house in Wales to have some peace and quiet and try to grieve the death of his father, Prince Philip.

Llwynywermod is the Welsh home of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in Llandovery, Myddfai (Photographs by Charles Sainsbury-Plaice).

Camilla launched season two of her reading room and dedicated it to Prince Philip

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall kicked off the second season of her Instagram Reading Room, which is sort of an Instagram book club that features British and Commonwealth authors. A new portrait of Camilla was released for the occasion (above), and Camilla wrote a message on the Reading Room Instagram page dedicating this season of the Reading Room to “a great fellow reader”, the late Prince Philip.

Meghan reached out to Chrissy Teigen after Chrissy suffered a pregnancy loss last year

Chrissy Teigen revealed to Andy Cohen on his show, Watch What Happens Live, that Meghan reached out to her after the loss of her baby, Jack, last year. Chrissy said that Meghan is a wonderful person and that she doesn’t understand the hate that people have for her. The section of the video where Andy and Chrissy talk about Meghan is from 1:22 – 3:20.

What to look out for this week:

Personal posts and photos from the KensingtonRoyal social media accounts to commemorate Will and Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday, April 29. Support for Will and especially Kate among the UK public is possibly the highest it’s ever been. The Queen and Prince Charles in particular adore Kate for being the glue that’s held the family together over the bumpy last few years, so expect posts from the RoyalFamily and ClarenceHouse accounts too. Let’s meet back here next week to talk about it. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. *sighs* Chrissy, just because Meghan was nice to you, an incredibly powerful influencer, does not mean she is a good or nice person. You can be a good friend or say something kind to someone and still bully your staff or intentionally try and upstage your late grandfather-in-law during his funeral. Just because she was nice to you doesn’t mean she isn’t a bully or a press-chasing egomaniac. This is exactly like when the creator of Suits was like “Meghan was always nice to me.” Like you controlled whether or not she got paid. (Also- when the bullying allegations came out, Chrissy said that the stress of it would cause Meg to miscarry, which says a lot about a lot of things)

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