Weekly Royal Roundup

We got lots of CCC (Cute Cambridge Content) for Will and Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary

This past week marked the 10th anniversary of Will and Kate’s wedding at Westminster Abbey. The evening of the 28th (their anniversary is on April 29th), they released two new portraits of themselves to commemorate the occasion. They, of course, led the papers the next day. Here are the photos that were released:

The general sentiment toward these photos was “AWWWWW.” There were also some comments on social media and in the papers about how the first image might be a callback to one of the couple’s engagement portraits from late 2010:

Ah, 2010, when William could still claim to have a full head of hair.

On the day of their actual anniversary, the Cambridge social media accounts posted this video of Will and Kate and their children playing outside. It is also extremely cute:

Eagle-eyed weirdos like myself immediately realized that the video was taken on the same day that the 2020 Cambridge Christmas card was taken at Anmer Hall in Norfolk (same outfits and age of the children). So, in classic Will and Kate fashion, we got a look into their personal lives that is likely from 8-9 months in the past, does not feature themselves speaking, and does not really reveal their personalities. It’s a coffee with cream and sugar – it goes down smooth and nearly everyone will like it to some degree. And I don’t say that as a criticism! Will and Kate are very good at making the public think that they are being let in more than they actually are. This was done on a “create media for the social media accounts and Christmas card” day. And that’s fine! That’s what we, as members of the public, are entitled to. And people absolutely loved it. So they continue to be pros at the job of balancing personal, private, and professional lives.

Will made a statement about racism in sport

The football community and broader sports community have collectively decided to participate in a social media boycott this weekend, to tackle the issue of online abuse and discrimination, which has been very racist in nature. This means that we won’t get any posts from the KensingtonRoyal Twitter or Instagram pages until Tuesday morning.

Princess Charlotte turned 6!

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge celebrated her sixth birthday today (Sunday, May 2). Her birthday was marked with the release of a new portrait of the princess, taken by her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. Because of the above-mentioned social media blackout from the KensingtonRoyal accounts, the portrait was released directly to the media on Saturday evening (so that it could appear on the front of the Sunday papers) and then on the Royal Family social media accounts on Sunday morning (the Royal Family social media accounts are not taking part in the social media blackout this weekend). Once again, this was a perfect way for the Cambridges give a little to the public without sacrificing very much.

Queen Elizabeth went back to work

Queen Elizabeth began holding public audiences for work after the death of her husband, Prince Philip, on April 9. This was pretty surprising, given that it was thought that the Queen would have another 30 days of private mourning after Prince Philip’s funeral. But I think that 1) Her Majesty’s ability to perform engagements via Zoom; and 2) Her Majesty’s normally jam-packed schedule (she might not have known what to do/been uncomfortable with so much free time) led to the Queen moving up her return to engagements by at least a couple of weeks. Her Majesty looked to be in good spirits, which is very good news.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, we surely have gotten a lot of Cambridges news this week and the prior one. The posts were reposted everywhere and mostly adored, there were always skeptics, and some H and M fans saying this was a PR effort to counter what was said in the Oprah interview. That might be to a degree, but I think all this would have been released regardless of that, is their 10 wedding anniversary after all and 2 of their kids have their birthdays near that date. Will and Kate are very committed to their work for the Crown and like you said, have found a way to accept these press releases are part of what is expected from them. Other european royal families do the same for birthdays and Christmas.
    The Queen going back to work is impressive, I thought she would be in grey or maybe black for mourning, but she wasn’t, she seems to have adapted to current customs regarding mourning, is not as severe like it was 60 years ago. It will be interesting to see how everything will go on May 11 when she opens Parliament.

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  2. This was definitely a week to royal watch wasn’t it! The video was amazing, loved the clip of Louis talking to his Mum and Dad and George looks so grown up holding Catherine’s hand walking. I can’t even believe he’ll be 8 in July. I wouldn’t be opposed to getting something like this every Christmas or summer like the Scandinavians do. Charlotte also looks so grown up and her summer blondes seem to have come early this year. She’s the spit of William- although I still don’t think she looks anything like Diana funnily enough. Def lots of Spencer (she looks a lot like Kitty when she was young) but I still think she takes more after the Windsor side of Wills. I think she looks like the Queen Mother/the Queen/Sarah Chatto who all look alike (Charlotte and Savannah have to exact same eyes – and Peter and William look like brothers- but I’m not sure if that’s from the queen or Philip). It’s so good to see the queen looking so well. I think we might see her at the G7 summit though it is the day after Philip’s birthday so she might not be up to it. She’s pretty traditional with her dressing so I honestly thought we’d see her in purply-blue pastels for a while but it’s nice to see her love of color remains just as strong. The two ambassadors look lovely as well (I’m very superficial lol).


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