Weekly Royal Roundup

Hi there and Happy Victoria Day! Not sure where in the world you are, but today is a holiday in Canada. It’s supposed to commemorate the birthday of Queen Victoria, whose birthday was May 24. It’s also the holiday used to commemorate the official birthday of the monarch, regardless of the current monarch’s birthday.

The long weekend and the good late-May weather leads Canadians to informally call the Victoria Day weekend May 2-4, which refers to a 24-case of beer.

So Happy May 2-4 to all my Canadian readers, and let’s get into some royal news!

Beatrice announced her pregnancy on Meghan and Harry’s wedding anniversary (LOL)

The pregnancy was announced by the official Royal Family social media channels. You can read about why Princess Beatrice probably chose to announce this news on Harry and Meghan’s third wedding anniversary here.

Will got vaccinated, showed off secretly beefy arm

When I first saw this photo, I said “Oof” out loud. As in, Oof, who knew Will was hiding those biceps under those collared shirt and sweater combos?! That reaction led me to posting this tweet, which got 201,000 views on Twitter and led to a very fun day of both thirsty and disgusted responses:

Some of the best thirsty responses were “Kate has been hiding his hotness from us, AS SHE SHOULD” and “I’ve had stirrings!” Some of the funniest disgusted responses were “Leave Fleabag out of this!!” and ‘”To quote the great Blanche Devereaux, “This is all you have, so I’m going to be happy for you.”’ It was a fun time. I hope you got some joy out of it.

Harry and Oprah’s mental health documentary premiered

I’m going to get into this in a post later this week, but here’s what you need to know in bullet-point form:

  • Harry underwent therapy on camera;
  • Harry said that Archie’s first words were “Granny Diana”, which clearly contradicts what he told James Corden in February (that Archie’s first word was “crocodile”);
  • Harry said that Prince Charles told him his life would have to include the same pain and suffering that his had; and
  • He claimed that Meghan was the reason that he first decided to seek therapy. This is contradicted by Harry’s comments to Bryony Gordon in 2017 about William being the person who encouraged him to seek therapy.

This further criticism of Prince Charles and the royal family as a whole has led to questions about what Harry and Meghan’s end goal is. It doesn’t feel like their goal is reconciliation or healing, but to keep this wound open and get as much coverage out of it as possible. For people who are so focused on kindness and empathy, they sure like to crap all over people a lot.

Lord Dyson’s 1995 Panorama inquiry report was released

It’s 127 pages. You can read it here or you can read my recap, because I read the entire 127-page report and summarized it here. Princes William and Harry released statements upon the release of the report, which you can read below:

I’ll be writing about Harry and Will’s statements, and how different they are, this coming week.

One of the Queen’s puppies died 😦

The Queen, who received two puppies around the time of Prince Philip’s illness this last winter/spring to keep her company, has suffered another loss as one of the puppies died last weekend. The puppy, Fergus, was only five months old and had a heart condition that led to his death. RIP Fergus. It’s being said that the Queen is looking for another puppy to adopt, as she doesn’t want her other puppy, Muick, to be by himself.

I physically cannot end this Roundup on the note of a puppy dying. I’m not a monster. So the last story of the week is”

Charles and Camilla showcased some smart dogs!

These dogs can sniff out COVID-19! Dogs are amazing and we don’t deserve them. Thanks for this, Clarence House.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, first I have to say that I listened to both your podcasts, I listened the first one last week and I just listened the second one, I really liked them, I hope you are able to make more in the future, I have only listened to yours and other 2 people podcasts in my life (and one of those was Perez Hilton and his latest podcasts lol, and I have only started hearing podcasts during the last year).

    I feel like the BRF news cycle is more hectic because of H and M. It’s true there are always royal public engagements, there is a Court Circular with many royal activities, and from time to time a big story breaks like the Lord Dyson report about Diana’s Panorama interview, but with H and M constantly in the news cycle the amount of royal news feels overwhelming sometimes. It might start to reminiscense the 90s with Diana, Charles and Fergie’s anticts always in the papers. I imagine the BRF don’t want this, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop H and M public statements towards his family in the near future at least. There are rumors and blind gossip items flying around online about H and M relationship and future plans, but there is nothing concrete and until something happens, I can’t take those rumors seriously or think of them as more than hearsay.

    I look forward to your future articles about the brother’s statements reacting to Lord Dyson’s report and the Apple TV series. Like you said about the latter, H has fallen in 2 contradictions at least, and overall it doesn’t look good for family armony. I just hope this doesn’t reach the drama levels of the 90s.

    Liked by 1 person

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