Weekly Royal Roundup

Will and Kate did a tour of Scotland

Generally, I’m not super interested in the second to second goings-on of royal tours. They are perfectly nice, but they are usually also INCREDIBLY controlled. So it’s not a ton of fun to write about.

Will and Kate did a tour of Scotland to coincide with Will’s appointment by the Queen to be Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Essentially, it meant that Will had to be in Scotland and give some speeches. Will and Kate took the opportunity to do visits to Scottish towns and cities and highlight a bunch of good causes throughout the week. The tour provided us these photos of Will and Kate Being Fun and Relatable:

And these photos of Will and Kate Looking Like Monarchs in Waiting:

However, there are always exceptions to the “not a huge fan of royal tour events” rule. and this is one of them:

Kate met a young girl who asked her to wear a pink princess dress :’)

Oh dear. If you love a feel-good story, have I got the thing for you.

This is Mila. She is a five year old Scottish girl who’s battling leukemia.

Photo: ITV

Her mother, Lynda, submitted this picture of Mila being isolated from her father during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown to Kate’s National Portrait Gallery exhibition Hold Still:

The photo was selected to be part of the National Portrait Gallery exhibition and the related book. Kate had a telephone call with Mila last fall, to ask how she was doing. Mila asked if Kate was wearing her princess costume, and Kate responded that no, she wasn’t wearing her princess costume at the moment, but when she met with Mila in person she would wear a princess dress, in Mila’s favourite colour (pink), just for her.

Cut to this past week at the Palace of Hollyrood House in Edinburgh. Kate invited Mila and her family to the palace for tea and, as promised, wore a pink princess dress to match Mila’s. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

Harry and Oprah did a televised town hall meeting for The Me You Can’t See

There weren’t many truth bombs in this town hall compared to the actual docu-series, but it made headlines regardless. I’m going to write a separate post about The Me You Can’t See and Harry’s desire to destroy his family under the guise of mental health this coming week.

Meghan is doing reiki on her dogs?

It’s a Daily Mail article, so grain of salt, but apparently Meghan is performing reiki (a form of finger tapping on yourself or others that has healing properties) on herself, Archie, and her dogs. I just thought you should know.

And, finally:

Kate got vaccinated, looked super hot doing it

Looks like it’s going to be a hot girl summer for the Duchess of Cambridge!

What is it with Will and Kate showing off their secret hotness while getting vaccinated? One of my Instagram followers said that she looks 23 in this picture, which is pretty good given she’s turning 40 next year. Agreed! Kate, drop that skin care routine!

PS: I know that it’s less a skin care routine and more a highly privileged life that includes the best food, skincare, trainers, and makeup that money can buy…but still, I would like to know what products she uses to try to get the glow.

My first podcast guest is booked!!!!!!

SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to share with you, hopefully in the next week or two.

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One thought on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, I meant to write before but I wasn’t able to and I guess it worked for the best because I listened to the podcast yesterday and it was so good, I loved the conversation and all the topics discussed, I also agreed with pretty much everything that was said. These podcasts are great and hearing people with knowledge about UK royals is always a treat.

    As for the Scotland tour and Kate’s meeting with little Mila, the tour went very well as far as I can see, and this meeting was awesome, Kate and Mila looked like 2 dolls (I mean that in a complementary way, I mean they look so cute). I do need to mention that this event shows the media power of the UK royal family because Kate is not the first royal to do something like this, princess Madelaine of Sweeden did something similar some years ago for several girls, it was around 2017 / 2018 I think, and could even be argued she went beyond what Kate did because princess Madeleine not only hosted a group of girls at a Swedish palace, but actually wore a full princess dress (meaning the kind of dress an adult wanting to dressed up like a Disney princess would wear), while Kate wore a princess-like dress, but it’s a dress she could rewear in the future for another event, she wasn’t dressed in the way Madelaine was in her event some years ago. Yet Kate received far more press coverage worldwide than Madelaine ever received.

    As for the rest, H and Oprah’s Town Hall didn’t bring new revelations about H and the BRF even though some press tried to portray it like it did. Apple TV said the ratings and new suscriptions to see the series were good, whether that reflects a brand win for H and M remains to be seen, personally I think we are starting to see some fatigue by the public towards their constant presence in the news cycle. Some of the stories about them give the impression they are only released to keep H and M in the news cycle, for example the Reiki story, I have nothing against Reiki, I know people who practice it, but I don’t think we need to know M practices it with her dogs. I guess in their eyes any story is good enough to compete with Will and Kate’s presence in the news cycle as of late with the stories regarding their vaccination, the Scotland tour, etc. Some Cambridge’s critics (or H and M stans) are accussing the Cambridges and the Palace of being in a PR offensive after the Oprah interview, but really, can we blame them if they are? And I think just the events of last year alone probably caused a Will and Kate PR offensive to be planned anyways, that would already be scheduled to start as soon as lockdown restrictions were eased.


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