Weekly Royal Roundup

With my actual job being busy and so much royal news coming thick and fast, I wrote half of this week’s roundup and then forgot to finish and post it. But it’s here now!

Kate launched the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood

This is a great story for Kate and her team, who have put in the work for years to establish this centre. Here are some quick thoughts on it:

  • The centre will be based at Kensington Palace and have an initial staff of six people. This seems just about right to me – not small enough to be one person at a desk somewhere, not so large that the goals of the centre get lost. And the size of the centre can always be scaled up as more funds/projects/successes allow.
  • I also like that Kate’s Big Change Starts Small report is fairly short. It’s not trying to be everything to everyone. She and the centre have defined, reasonable goals and will work on tackling them. Achievable goals, worked on for an adequate period of time, have a much better chance of success than trying to solve something gigantic by yourself. Queen of reasonable goals and pacing herself!
  • The centre is partnering with Harvard and the London School of Economics, which explains Kate’s engagement with Dr. Jill Biden last week during the G7 Summit. This is a diplomatic win and more of a return to normalcy after the Trump presidency. It’s showing that nations can work together on issues that affect both sides, without politics or drama getting in the way.

Mike Tindall said some stuff about race and Black Lives Matter

Princess Anne’s son in law Mike Tindall said that he doesn’t like or believe in the Black Lives Matter organization and that he personally wouldn’t take a knee, as football/soccer players are currently doing. He says he supports the fight against racism but that he wants to support it in his own way.

I think that these comments are pretty ignorant and refuse to acknowledge the enormous privilege that Mike Tindall has, not only as a White man, but also as a wealthy member of the British Royal Family. It’s good that he said he supports anti-racism work and wants to support it in his own way, but I don’t know how hard he is working to eliminate racism in his day to day life. I’m going to give these comments a C – he’s getting a passing grade, but needs to put in some work to bump it up to a B or an A.

Meghan’s children’s book hit the bestseller list in the US but not the UK

Meghan’s book, The Bench, sold just under 16,000 copies to hit the top of the New York Times children’s book bestseller list. To celebrate hitting the top of the bestseller list, Meghan gave an interview to NPR about the book, which you can listen to here. The announcement of the NPR interview was made on the same day that Kate announced her early years centre, so read from that what you will.

Social media posts were published for Father’s Day (June 20) and Will’s 39th birthday (June 21)

We got a blurry photo of William with his children before a Buckingham Palace balcony appearance a couple of years ago, as well as a portrait in which Will shows off some chest hair. Re: his chest hair, I personally think *signal drops*.

Queen Elizabeth came to the last day of Royal Ascot

She wore a seafoam green coat and hat and looked happy around some horses. It was nice!

Listen to the new episode of the Royal Analysis podcast!

This episode of the podcast features the lovely Sarah (not her real name), a Canadian politician/mom/basil grower/royal follower. I ask her how she doesn’t lie on the floor from exhaustion every day, why representation in politics matters, and whether Meghan would win an election in America. You can listen on a bunch of different platforms, including Spotify and Google podcasts, via this link here. And you can listen via Apple podcasts here!

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One thought on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, first I want to say I listened to the podcast and found it very interesting, as someone not in a Commonwealth or first world country, it was interesting to hear the POV of individuals that live in a Commonwealth and also first world country (and that are not US citizen, given that a lot of the international media is dominated by US networks).

    The new Center for Early Childhood seems to me like a very interesting progression of Kate’s work in this area, and also a way of showing haters that she’s more than just a figurehead. Sadly, nowadays a lot of the BRF actions and the public’s perception of them are affected in one way or the other by the Sussexes Oprah interview. A lot of people who support H and M feel the need to attack William and Kate, and as much as M says she didn’t give more details of the pre wedding incident because it wouldn’t be fair to Kate, the fact is her most rabid fans went after Kate and keep going after her, from accusations of being a trophy wife, to even her engagement with Jill Biden where some of them claimed Kate read something incorrectly and therefore “she didn’t know how to read”. It’s true some people never liked Kate (you can’t be liked by everybody), but I think many of her most ferocious critics have come up after this rift between the BRF and the Sussexes. Nevertheless, I think the casual observer and people with more measured views can see that Kate is consistent in what she’s doing and this is a progression from what she was doing 2 or 3 years before the pandemic.

    Regarding what Mike Tindall said, I think this is a good example of the reaction many have towards BLM, when the person hasn’t really taken the time to read and inform themselves what the movement is really about. Many like him only hear or focus on those aspects of the movement that are broadcasted from time to time by the media and seem confrontational (for example, aspects of the protests in Portland, Oregon, and some other places in the US). People like Mike Tindall see this and think the movement is reactionary / with heavy violent tendencies and that this is not the way to fight racism. I’m not an expert, but I imagine similar perceptions were held in the second half of the 1960s – first half of the 1970s against the Black Panther movement in the US. What people like him, that are not privi to the historical and current reality of the race relations in the US, fail to realize, is precisely the terrible reality of the treatment that the black population and other non-white groups have suffered in the US. As many know, inside the US many also fail to realize this or don’t accept that the problem still exists (and then we have the actual racists that don’t want to change their ways). But the point is that the problem exists, and initiatives like Take the Knee or BLM weren’t created with violent purpose, they were created to protest / denounce racism. In fact I would argue taking a knee is a really non-violent way of protest. And again a similar controversy happened when athletes would raise their fist (the Black Power gesture) like the Black Panthers in the 60s – 70s. It also needs to be acknowledged that the BLM has gone beyond the US because as bad as things are in the US, is not the only place, racism takes other forms in other countries, there were BLM protests in the UK and I always remember when John Boyega of Star Wars fame (the sequel trilogy) spoke about it (there were other known people who spoke there too, just saying he gave poignant statements that day). So the issue is present in several places including the UK as well, and Mike Tindal should have thought twice before saying anything, specially considering the accusations in the Oprah interview. Once again, everything goes back to H and M these days, and this is what is so frustrating about that interview, their accusations of racism (that Omid Scobie decided to try to reinforce last week) and of lack of mental health support were serious and deserved their own investigation, but the interview has been tainted by their own inconcistencies and inaccuracies regarding other themes. Neverthless the issue is still out there, and Mike Tindall should have known better than to critize any initiative advocating for racial equality, at least when he’s clearly not well informed about the origins / causes of said initiative.

    As for the NPR interview, I saw you Insta stories about the tweets from NPR people saying it was recorded before M’s daughter birth and was being broadcasted last Sunday because it was Father’s Day. It could truly be a coincidence that they announced it on the same day as Kate’s project, since H and M are no longer coordinated with the Palace, but the problem is that now is hard not to be suspicious about their intentions in any subject, for example in this case one might wonder why it wasn’t announced early in the week, and so on. Either way I don’t think it made as much waves in the news cycle as they would have liked, certain outlets like People Magazine gave it coverage but others not so much.

    It was nice to see the BRF publications about Father’s Day and William’s birthday, and the Queen at the last day of Ascot. Other members of the BRF also went there the prior days and overall it seems we will see them regularly during the summer.

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