Weekly Royal Roundup

Will and Harry unveiled a statue of their late mother on what would have been her 60th birthday

July 1 marked what would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday. This was commemorated with the unveiling of a statue of Princess Diana in the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace by Harry and Will. Harry flew in from California for the event.

There had been a LOT of speculation on how the unveiling event would go, given the tension between Will and Harry at the moment. But it appears that it was planned to avoid any form of public animosity, and it went off pretty much perfectly in that respect. There was one joint statement released by both princes instead of duelling speeches. There were very few people invited to the unveiling. It was not broadcast live. I’m glad that the brothers were able to honour the mother’s memory without any (public) tension.

The reaction on the actual statue has been mixed. I think it’s nice, but I know a lot of people think it’s too informal/doesn’t look like Diana/shouldn’t include other children/etc. Art is subjective! It’s good that she is being honoured and that Will, Kate, and family can visit the statue whenever they want.

George wore a suit to watch football/soccer

Will, in his role as President of the Football Association, attended a football match between Germany and England at Wembley Stadium this week. In attendance with Will were Kate and Prince George, who was wearing a full suit. The following tweet summed up my thoughts on it pretty well:

My thoughts, as a Canadian, were: what an odd thing to make a seven year old do! Where I’m from, children don’t really even wear outfits this formal to weddings or funerals, let alone a football match. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable for George to just wear a jersey?

It was pointed out to me that there are actually a good many reasons why George was wearing a suit:

  • His father is President of the FA and was at the match on official business in that role, so it makes sense that his family would dress similarly formally;
  • They are sitting in the Wembley Royal Box, where there is a formal dress code (Ed Sheeran was also in the Royal Box and was wearing a football jersey, but point taken);
  • As much as I personally want George to have a normal childhood, he can’t, because he’s in line to one day be King; and
  • In the UK, it’s commonplace for children to dress like this. The suit George wore to Wembley wasn’t very different from his school uniform, which he has to wear every school day.

So there you have it. I was wrong. And George seemed to have a good time, so all’s well that ends well. I understand now – suits on kids is much more common in the UK than it is where I’m from. I have learned and will do better. Also, congrats to English soccer/football fans, because it does appear that #ItsComingHome.

Kate visited the first week of Wimbledon!

Kate had fun at Wimbledon this week, helping to make tasty treats in the kitchens and visiting the Wimbledon museum. She also spent some time in the Royal Box with the Duke of Kent, who is President of the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (the organization that puts on Wimbledon). We will see a lot more of Kate during Week 2 of Wimbledon, as that’s traditionally when she is more likely to visit and watch full matches.

Queen Elizabeth and family members went to the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Her Majesty had lots of people to enjoy the horse show with, including Edward and Sophie, Earl and Countess of Wessex, cousins and friends. Also, Lady Louise, the daughter of Edward and Sophie, rode her late grandfather, Prince Philip’s horse carriage. It was very nice.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, well about the unveiling of the statue, there were so many stories about that, that I even thought some were planted to mislead and keep up the surprise element (maybe I’m reading too much into it).

    At this moment, a lot of elements regarding H’s presence in the UK remain shrouded in mistery. We don’t know if he had a long conversation with the Queen and is not 100% sure they even saw each other (the Queen was photographed driving to Frogmore the day he arrived, if she truly went there to meet him this is unprecedented, then again his war of words probably requires more drastic measures). Everything points out their schedules didn’t match the rest of the week (she was in Scotland from Monday to Thursday morning, and when she was back at Windsor on Thursday it seems she went straight to the Royal Windsor Horse Show), so this only leaves that potential meeting the day he arrived, and probably no lunch between them as it had been claimed by news articles. If they did meet, did she gave him an earful? Prior reports claimed there would be a speech per brother, this was avoided by the joint statement and Robert Lacey was praising this, but did the brothers really reached an understanding about this on their own, or were they preasured by the Queen herself, or the courtiers? On the other hand, the ceremony was scaled back to such a degree that having them make speeches to a live audience of less than 10 people was probably going to look weird anyways.

    The reports about a meeting between the brothers before or after the event were squashed as well, the press clocked everything, H arrived with very little time to have a true conversation with Will, and left 20 minutes after everything ended (including a mini cocktail). The only thing certain is that this was a truce and nothing more. A lot has been made about their body language, personally I feel H was freakishly exhuberant, like if everything was peaches, and by this I’m not saying he should have look sour or upset, but a little more composure would have been more in line with reality. On the other hand, you could see William was struggling to not let his true feelings come up and he was somewhat uncomfortable sometimes, and between this and other things H and M fans took the opprtunity to accuse him of being cold and unfeeling (makes you wonder what would be their reaction if a family member say about them some of what H and M have said publicly about the BRF). At the end, I found William’s behaviour as good as it could be under the circumstances, and it might be possible that H was borderline clowning to try to disguise his own akwardness towards this situation.

    I find the statue itself just ok, it doesn’t bother me or thrill me. The concept around it doesn’t bother me either, the only small criticism I have is that you can only truly appreciate the whole thing from a given angle, because when you look at it upfront you only see 2 children, from the back is no better, and so on, only from a given angle you can truly see the 3 children and her. Being a bronze statue, the color is determined by the material and I can imagine is not an easy material to work with, so it saddens me how little aware people are about art these days, because of the comments asking why the statue wasn’t in flesh tones, to the whole thing about the accuracy of the likeness to Diana (admittedly, it would have been ideal if the sculptur had met her, but he didn’t, and I admit I might have liked to see a more angelical / sweet expression, but is not a bad likeness overall).

    On more happier news, it was lovely to see that Prince George was lucky enough to go to his first game of the English football team in a big championship and that the team won that day. I personally find that Will and Kate are doing all they can to give their children as normal a childhood as possible, though is hard given the system they live in. This is why I’m in no hurry to see William become king, the more he is in his current place in the line of succession, the more opportunities he and his wife will have of giving their children a childhood as close to normal as possible.

    Everybody has been very excited to see Kate at Wimbledon and the Queen at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, specially the latter one because the Queen looked in good spirits. It was nice to see the Wessexes supporting her in a way with their presence and we finally got to see Lady Louise driving the carriage she inherited from Prince Phillip, I think there was some expectation about that as well.


  2. I feel like with the statue, what’s missing is that Diana isn’t smiling or interacting with the kids. That’s why they feel out of place. Diana was famous for how she was with kids so to have her standing there, everyone looking pretty grim, just doesn’t really seem very “her.” But it’s still an amazing piece of work and if the boys like it, that’s all that matters and I’ll get over it.

    I’d like to expand upon Carolina’s wonderful comment. I agree that all signs point to there being no face-to-face talks happening between Harry and his family. The queen generally walks the dogs at Frogmore (Eugenie and August are there too) and I think they only spotted her because there was media trying to catch a glimpse of H. And Harry was supposed to be in isolation so they couldn’t have talked anyway because then she went to Scotland. Personally, I think the family knows that anything said to Harry could get leaked (Sunshine Sachs made sure to report that the brothers had spoken for the first time in months and it was about the Euros lol) so they just don’t speak to him at all.

    George at Wembly was such a treat and such a good way to ease him into public life because even though photos of him will be sent around the world, his parents are right next to him, he’s doing something fun, and people will still be more interested in the match than in him.

    I do think it’s interesting that we haven’t had any leaks from the Sussex’s. I wonder if they learned their lesson with the wreath leak because the family couldn’t have been pleased. Similar to how they haven’t pulled the pap stunt since everyone saw through it on Louis’s birthday. Or maybe it was like “You try and make this about you and we will [insert consequence like lack of invitation to something].” Regardless I’m just glad it seemingly went well and Harry is back in California.


  3. I think why a lot of people are having problems with Diana’s statue is that she’s not smiling. Diana had the most glorious smile that lit up the world. I don’t even think Michelangelo could have captured her magnificent smile. In the context of the garden, the statue is lovely, but I think it needs to be seen live and up close as most art does.

    I know North Americans think it’s strange that a child has to wear a suit, but I think it’s a cultural difference. I have a Canadian friend who lived in London and she told me you do not leave the house unless you are dressed up! Hair, makeup, heels, the whole thing just to go to the grocery store. So, George wearing what he did is in line with his culture as well as the rules you listed. I would love my kids to wear a nice outfit for birthday parties, concerts, etc, but they prefer their track pants and t-shirts. ha ha

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