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Hi all, and sorry for being MIA for the last week and a bit. Summer happened all of a sudden and my schedule got a lot more busy, hence the lack of posting. That, combined with the annual royal slow-down that happens from mid-July until the end of September, means that my posting schedule will vary slightly for the next couple of months. Here is what it will look like:

If it’s a busy weekRegular Weekly Royal Roundup
If it’s a slow weekBiweekly Royal Roundup (one roundup for a two-week period)
If something banana pancakes happensI’ll write about it in a separate post ASAP

I have a lot of fun things coming up, including some great guests on the Royal Analysis Podcast, so make sure to keep up with updates by coming to the blog and following on Twitter and Instagram. FYI, the goal is to give you a new podcast episode every 3-4 weeks this summer, so keep your eyes open for new episodes. Thank you for your support!

Here is your Biweekly Royal Roundup from the two week period spanning July 5-18, 2021:

Kate attended the finals weekend at Wimbledon

Kate attended finals weekend at Wimbledon. She watched a wheelchair match and then watched the women’s and men’s finals. Kate handed out the Women’s Championship trophy to Ash Barty, and stood with The Duke of Kent when he handed out the Men’s Championship trophy to Novak Djokovic. This was The Duke of Kent’s final Wimbledon as President of the All England Club. He has been involved with the All England Club and Wimbledon for more than 50 years, so this is a passing of the baton to Kate, who is Patron. The details are still unclear of whether Kate will take The Duke of Kent’s title as President of the All England Club, or if his duties will be subsumed into her current duties as Patron. I’ll let you know if there is an official announcement on it (there has been much talk about it, including an unofficial announcement from a BBC presenter about it, but nothing confirmed from Wimbledon or the BRF, so I don’t see it as “official” yet).

Will, Kate, and George attended the Euro Cup final

Prince George looked very cute. England lost. But let’s just remember the cute, happy times:

Will decried racist abuse hurled at racialized members of the England team

Three young Black members of the English soccer team missed penalty kick shots at the end of the Euro 2020 Final. A lot of terrible, racist trashbags were terrible and racist toward the three Black players after the match, which resulted in William posting the following statement supporting the players and condemning racism and racist abuse:

Charles and Camilla were in Wales for Wales Week

It was pretty nice and boring. Here are some pics:

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One thought on “Biweekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, first I have to do a fashion comment and say that I totally loved the dresses Kate wore at Wimbledon, she looked great!

    The main news from the last couple of weeks was the Euro 2020 final match and sadly, the terrible abuse that the 3 English players endured from groups of so-called English fans (who are just racists morons), besides the sad expectacle of other unruly behaviour that day (5,000 breaking their way into Wembly without tickets, Mike Tindall had to break a fight, there was littering as well, prince George being mocked by some for his outfit, and so on). The racists attacks were upsetting, and William reacted accordingly. It just so happens that once again, everything the BRF does nowadays is linked to H and M. William was attacked by H and M supporters, specially in Twitter, for what is being called his lack of support towards M for the racism she suffered. Understanding the inner workings of the BRF can be difficult, not everybody knows or is willing to comprehend that until a few months ago, the BRF was operaring under the “never explain, never complain” mantra and this was applied to every situation believing that it would make it go away. It was a miscalculation to think this would work or should be applied to counteract the racist articles that part of the UK media published about M plus the online racists comments in social media (which can really only be tackled by social media companies, but a statement from the BRF about the insults towards M would have put preasure over those companies). Acknowledging all that, it still feel vindictive to attack William for attacking racism, based on whatever failures, real or imaginary, he and the BRF had in the past. It feels more like a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation if the public reacts that way. Personally I think he should keep publishing statements like that one condemning this kind of vitriol and not be silenced by naysayers.

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