Weekly Royal Roundup

Prince George turned 8!

Prince George turned 8!

The photo of Prince George was taken by his mother, Kate, earlier this month at the Cambridges’ Norfolk estate, Anmer Hall. Prince George is sitting on the hood (or, if you’re British, the bonnet) of one of the family’s Range Rover Defenders, which is a nod to the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip was a massive fan of Range Rovers and had two of the vehicles specially made to carry his coffin at his funeral.

I’m not saying anything new here, but my goodness Prince George looks like his dad. What a cute pic.

Birthday messages came in from the official Royal Family and Clarence House accounts:

Prince Harry is writing a book!

You can hear more about that in my dedicated post on it, here. I also highly recommend listening to this week’s episode of Pod Save the Queen, which goes into the Harry book news in detail and brings up some great points that I didn’t think of re: the UK Ministry of Defence possibly needing to give any draft of the book the all-clear for security reasons, and the language in Harry’s statement mirroring language used by murdered UK Member of Parliament Jo Cox. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Late this week, the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English published a story saying that Prince Harry’s memoir was the first book in a four-book deal with Penguin Random House, which would include a non-fiction book from Meghan and a second volume of Harry’s memoirs, which will only be published after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Here is a juicy tidbit about Harry and Meghan’s PR/legal strategy after being alerted to the imminent publication of the four-book deal story:

“After being alerted to the story in detail on Thursday and told that it would be published on Saturday, lawyers acting for Harry replied to the Mail yesterday afternoon saying that they would not be commenting.

Five hours later however, and after early editions of the paper had gone to press, they then wrote to the Mail again saying the claims were ‘false and defamatory’.”

Queen Elizabeth went to Scotland for her annual summer holiday!

It’s tradition for the Queen to take an extended summer holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. This break usually lasts until the end of September. We’ll also be seeing family members (Charles and Camilla, the Cambridges, the Wessexes, etc.) heading to Scotland to visit in the coming months. Hopefully Her Majesty will get some rest. I need a rest and I’m neither a monarch, nor 95 years old!

I have a new Patreon tier!

If you’d like to support Royal Analysis but the current Patreon tiers aren’t working with your budget, I’ve added a new $1.50/month option. You’ll get a shout-out on the blog and you’ll be able to message me questions and comments whenever you like. Also, it’s in Canadian funds. So it’s actually $1.19 USD/month or 87 pence/month. As always, whether you support me and the blog financially or not, I appreciate you being here and reading and sharing and interacting.

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One thought on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, I wanted to comment before but I have been caught up with the Olympics lol. I’m glad William and Kate published a photo for Prince George’s birthday and that rumors they wouldn’t do so didn’t came to be. At this moment George is resembling William more than before, kids sometimes change a lot while growing up (William himself was an example), so it will be interesting to see how George keeps growing up.

    I heard the Pod Save the Queen podcast, it was very good and with great points. I see journalists in it also get part of their info from other news outlets. The UK Ministry of Defense possibly needing to review the chapters related to H’s military service is something I had already read, I also read that H’s military pals aren’t happy that he could possibly name them in his book, and that they’re willing to spill his secrets if he portrays them in a bad light. As for H’s statement copying something said by Jo Cox, I have to say nothing surprises me about H anymore, the guy has no shame. He can claim that he didn’t copy her or that it wasn’t on purpose, but anyone in the know notices the similarities. This was probably done thinking the US audience (his main target) wouldn’t or couldn’t possibly notice it, but he and his team fail to realize that nowadays everything you do as a public figure goes around the globe and inevitably in his case it would be analyzed and dissected in the UK, then UK people and anyone else in the know would quickly notice the similarity and call him out for it.

    The podcast was recorded before the report about the 4 books deal, which I found to be the most shocking thing about the latest reports. I didn’t know that the Sussexes and their camp first ignored the requests for comment before the Daily Mail ran the story to then later release a statement denying it, it feels like it was done on purpose to make the Daily Mail look bad about this story. Time will tell if the story is true or not, I believe there is a good chance part of it is true. I also think that regardless of whether the part about the second book is true or not, H and company hastely denied it fearing the BRF would swiftly retaliate since the story implies the book will be so damaging and incendiary it’s best to publish it after the Queen is no longer alive and in danger of being hurt by it or able to take some measure against it and the Sussexes.

    I do believe we will see some royal stories this month, if only because they will come from H and M cries for attention. That said, I agree the BRF are on vacation mode, the Cambridges were at the Islands of Scily recently.

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