Biweekly Royal Roundup

This week’s Biweekly Royal Roundup covers the two weeks falling from July 27 – August 8. And it’s late because, like Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I was on vacation last week (though not on vacation in Scotland, being catered to by a full staff – I wish!). Let’s get started.

Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday

You can read all about Meghan’s birthday and her specific birthday wish in my post about it here.

The Cambridges released a photo of Princess Charlotte to mark the butterfly count in the UK

The 2022 Invictus Games host city shortlist was released

In a move that makes absolute and total sense given Harry’s current status as a Regular, Non-Royal Person Living in North America, the options are all in North America. It also makes sense given that Harry and the Invictus foundation already have lots of contacts from previous iterations of the games that they can use if the next games take place in North America. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And in terms of Seattle and Canada (I’m assuming Vancouver/Whistler), it will be a fairly short commute for Harry and Meghan to attend.

I got blocked by Omid Scobie on Twitter 😦

In April of this year, The Sunday Times reported that Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s book Finding Freedom, an account of Harry and Meghan’s royal romance and departure from the BRF, would be re-released with new and exclusive new content this summer. When it was revealed that HarperCollins is, in fact, re-releasing Finding Freedom with exclusive new content this summer, Omid Scobie tweeted this:

I quote tweeted with the following: “Duly noted. For the record, Omid, did you have final approval on the reissued Finding Freedom being released on [August 31,] the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death?” I was blocked by Omid later that day. I feel like that’s a valid question – he could have corrected me and told me that it wasn’t his choice at all – but instead he chose to block me.

Even though I’m terribly upset by Omid’s decision to block me, I will still be reading the reissue of Finding Freedom when it comes out on August 31. Stay tuned on the blog for new information and analysis from Omid and Carolyn’s new “epilogue”.

Boris Johnson struggled with an umbrella, Prince Charles laughed at him

Let’s end things on a light note.

A new Royal Analysis Podcast episode was posted!

This episode is a lot of fun and covers Harry’s memoir deal with Penguin Random House, the abovementioned reissue of Finding Freedom, and lots of interesting discussion about royal branding and strategy. My guest was the lovely Katelyn Childs, who co-hosted the royal podcast Americrown Dreams for two years. You can listen to the Royal Analysis Podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thanks for reading. And thank you specifically to Yankee Doodle on Twitter for your generous support!

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One thought on “Biweekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, still getting up to date with your posts. About Omid Scobie, I’m not surprised, by now is obvious the kind of person he is, yes he could have told you that the publishing date wasn’t his call but he didn’t want to because it was totally his call and somebody could eventually leak that, and also I totally believe H approved / is on board with this. And Scobie knows is a bad and callous look, and that’s why he doesn’t want to give any on the record statement about this, he can’t deny it but can’t also admit it, how would it look with the public, specially the US public? It’s easier for him to block you and anyone else who questions him about this and other matters, he knows he’s safe when he appears in Good Morning America and other US outlets where the press is a sycophant as he is about H and M. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I don’t have a good opinion of this guy and this behaviour confirms it.

    I didn’t know about Boris Johnson, the umbrella and Prince Charles lol.

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