Weekly Royal Roundup

Welcome! Here’s what members of the BRF were up to this past week.

Sophie Wessex marked Menopause Awareness Week

The Cambridges highlighted World Mental Health Day

We’re less than one week out from the Earthshot Prize award ceremony!

This is not a drill! Earthshot also announced some of the entertainment lineup for next week’s ceremony, which includes big hitters like Coldplay and Ed Sheeran.

A Sunday Times article reports that Prince Andrew has “no way back” into public royal life

Here are the takeaways from Roya Nikkhah’s article, which you can read here:

  • Prince William sees Andrew as a “threat” to the stability/future of the British Royal Family (valid!);
  • Queen Elizabeth is privately financing Andrew’s legal battle against alleged sexual assault victim Virginia Guiffre;
  • Nikkhah spoke to a former Buckingham Palace staffer who was almost run over by Andrew on the BuckPal grounds – Andrew proceeded to scream at the staffer for not getting out of the way of his car;
  • After he had recorded the Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis but before it had aired, Andrew told his mother, the Queen, that it had been “a great success”;
  • A friend reveals that Andrew, now effectively jobless, has spent the last two years “thinking and working on himself” but is also “climbing the walls” at his estate, Royal Lodge; and
  • Prince Charles is said to be of the opinion that  “a way back for the duke is demonstrably not possible, because the spectre of this [accusation] raises its head with hideous regularity.”

Basically, he’s reputationally damaging to the monarchy, but most of all, the majority of people who have met him seem to think extremely poorly of him. Let’s end on this quote from the article: “A military source who has dealt with Andrew on several engagements does not mince words: ‘I’ve got no time for Andrew. He’s a total dickhead, an arrogant shit.’” 

If you don’t have a subscription to the Times, you can listen to a free podcast providing info from the article here.

Princess Anne planted the first official overseas Tree for the Jubilee

It was done on the Princess Royal’s official Paris trip last week.

And, most importantly, Camilla released these pics of her adopted dogs to benefit dog and cat charity Battersea

Rescue is also my favourite breed! It’s worth clicking on this tweet and expanding the pics.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I’m so thankful to each and every person who reads the blog, listens to the podcast, provides comments, challenges my point of view…all of it. This week I especially want to thank Carolina for her financial support and her passionate, thorough, and interesting comments. You’ve been here from day one and I appreciate you!

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One thought on “Weekly Royal Roundup

  1. Hi, before anything, thank you for the mention, I’m glad to help. It took me all week to have time to properly comment, so I know I’m late and the Earthshot awards are tomorrow. Looking forward to it, and curious to see the format and how all the presenters, nominees and winners will intervine.

    It’s also good to see the BRF back with so many engagements, just like other European royal houses (I think in the Middle East and Asia royal houses thing are also back into motion).

    I heard the podcast, these revelations from The Times and the Sunday Times were quickly followed by more information saying that Andrew’s sibblings (namely princes Charles, Anne and Edward) had a meeting in January where they agreed there was no way back for Andrew, also that William is “no fan of uncle Andrew” and he doesn’t appreciate it that Andrew or anyone else in the family behaves in a way that can be perceived by the public as entitled or that they are ungrateful for the position they have. So bottom line, only Andrew and Sarah (and maybe their daughters, but who knows) along with some of their staff who may or may not be sycophants, think he can rehabilitate his public image and go back to represent the BRF like he used to. This lawsuit most likely will be a long process and even if it isn’t, the consequences are long term, so there is still a lot to see here.

    I hope next week we have great images and moments both from the Earthshot prize and another engagement several members of the family will have on October 19th.


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