BRF Updates: 2 Fast 2 Furious

Let’s cut to the chase: British Royal Family news has been coming too fast for me to keep up. Here is a super quick rundown of the things that have happened in the Last Little While:

Queen Elizabeth asked us to accept that Queen Camilla is going to happen

On February 6, Queen Elizabeth became the first monarch to spend 70 years on the British throne. On the eve of this historic occasion, Her Majesty released a statement restating her devotion to Crown and country (she signed the letter “Your loyal servant Elizabeth”). And, toward the end of the statement, Her Majesty did something that few people were expecting: she told us that, when Charles becomes King, she wants “Camilla (to) be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

This has been a long time coming. Not the Queen telling us part, but the Camilla becoming Queen part.

If you have been following the British Royal Family since the 90s, you may be one of the many people in the camp of “Over my dead body will I refer to Camilla as Queen after the grief she caused Diana.” Or, in meme terms, this (substituting “fetch” with “Queen Camilla”:

Everyone involved knew that this was going to be a hard sell for the public. In fact, when Charles and Camilla married in 2005, they actually added a page to Charles’ website saying that no one ever intends to call Camilla Queen when Charles becomes King. The statement said that Camilla would be referred to as “Princess Consort.” However, if you’ve read this incredibly thorough Guardian piece from 2017, you’ll know that the term “Princess Consort” wasn’t going to happen, at least in the fine print:

As someone on Twitter said when the statement was released, Queen Elizabeth has more than nine decades of political capital/goodwill saved up – if she isn’t going to spend some of it now, what’s the point of having accumulated it?

Harry sued the British government for access to 24/7 VVIP security while in the UK, then sued the Daily Mail for reporting the first suit

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail published a scoop: that Harry had proceeded with legal filings against the British Home Office to get his and Meghan’s Internationally Protected Persons-level police security back for future visits to the UK. This is pretty inflammatory stuff on Harry’s part, as he is now technically suing the government of which his grandmother is monarch and he is seventh in line to rule. In very simple terms, here is the situation around the lawsuit:

  1. Before Harry and Meghan moved to the United States and stepped back from their roles as senior working members of the BRF, they had security status as Internationally Protected Persons. This level of security gave them 24/7 security provided, through the British government, by the Metropolitan Police. This is the serious level protection for members of the British Royal Family whom it is most important to protect and keep safe (think the line of succession – The Queen, Charles and Camilla, Will and Kate, etc.) When Harry and Meghan married, Harry was sixth in line to the throne after Charles, Will, and Will and Kate’s kids. Plus he and Meghan travelled around the world working to promote the monarchy and go on diplomatic trips. So it made sense for them to have taxpayer-funded security.
  2. However, when they stepped back from royal duties and moved to North America, two things changed: they were no longer as diplomatically important, and protecting H&M in North America would be exponentially more expensive than it would have been to continue funding their security in the UK. Additionally, by keeping H&M Internationally Protected Peoples, it would have created diplomatic issues between the UK and Canada and the US, because it’s a diplomatic nicety to protect foreign IPPs when they are visiting your country. It’s a reasonable request to be asked to protect a foreign royal when they’re staying in the country for a few days/weeks. But not when they are planning on living there indefinitely. Hence, the Home Office revoked H&M’s IPP security status.
  3. Harry believes that, due to being born into the British line of succession, he should have IPP security status for life, and that his wife and children should fall under IPP status due to their proximity to him. The Home Office says no, that’s not how it works. Their status changed, and their security situation had to change as a result.
  4. Harry is now suing the Home Office to have full IPP protection reinstated, with two concessions to the British government:
    1. That Harry, Meghan, and family only receive IPP protection when they are visiting the United Kingdom; and
    1. That Harry and Meghan will pay a significant rate to the Metropolitan Police/Home Office for this privilege.
  5. The Home Office is arguing that 1) you can’t turn on and off IPP status like a tap – you either have it or you don’t; and 2) You can’t privatize security and intelligence – if the Home Office offered that option to Harry, it would only be a matter of time before Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or some other rich person would use the Harry precedent and demand the same. It’s also a security risk – what if an enemy of the UK paid a ton of money to become privy to UK government security intelligence? It would be a gigantic mess. Best to not open that can of worms.
  6. Harry’s spokespeople and Sussex-friendly reporters have been releasing tidbits about the situation, including that Harry has offered to pay for Met protection since early 2020. The Home Office fired a shot at the Sussexes last week, saying that Harry did not offer to pay for Met security until recently.

Now Harry has decided to sue The Daily Mail, which broke the story of the Harry/Home Office lawsuit. We don’t have a lot of details about that suit yet, but I’m sure Omid Scobie will keep us up to date.

Andrew settled the sexual assault lawsuit against him for north of £10 million

Andrew and his sexual assault accuser, Virginia Giuffre, reached a settlement in VG’s US civil lawsuit that accused Andrew of having sexually assaulted and abused her when she was a minor. Depositions for the trial were supposed to begin next month.

Andrew has allegedly paid 10 million pounds directly to Giuffre and an additional 2 million pounds to Giuffre’s sexual abuse victims charity. Also allegedly, the 2 million dollar payment going to the charity was funded by Andrew’s mother, Queen Elizabeth. It has been hinted that she wanted to help Andrew settle this lawsuit for once and for all, but did not want to be seen giving money directly to Giuffre, a woman who has accused her son of criminal behaviour. That 10+2 million dollar payout is quite a lot of money to give someone you claim to have never met.

It is being said that the senior members of the BRF wanted this lawsuit resolved as soon as possible so it wouldn’t ruin the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, which started a couple of weeks ago.

Harry and Eugenie went to the Super Bowl

Harry and Eugenie went to the Super Bowl, which took place in Los Angeles. They sat in the Salesforce suite, which looked very fancy (The mental fitness company that Harry works with, Better Up, is partly funded by Salesforce). The LA Rams won the…trophy? Football’s not my thing. Anyway, the LA Rams won. Harry went to the locker room afterward. Neither Meghan nor Jack Brooksbank attended.

A couple days after the Super Bowl, pictures came out of Meghan, Harry, Jack, and Eugenie attending dinner at a restaurant in Santa Barbara. As any privacy-minded individuals would do, they sat at the front of the restaurant in front of a picture window. Meghan wore an editor’s sleeve (which is to say that she wore a coat but draped it over her shoulders and didn’t put her arms in the sleeves – it gives a good look in pictures, which Meghan definitely didn’t know were being taken of their private dinner). The group seemed to have fun. It appears that Eugenie, Jack, and baby August stayed with Meghan and Harry in Montecito.

Charles, Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth tested positive for Covid-19

Prince Charles announced that he tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks ago. Several days later, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, announced that she had also contracted the virus. Then, unfortunately, Buckingham Palace announced on February 20th that the Queen had also tested positive. Her Majesty is said to be experiencing cold-like symptoms and has cancelled several virtual and in-person engagements. I will keep you posted on this – it will be interesting to see if Her Majesty cancels engagements and meetings next week as well.

The Royal Family has started its own Weekly Royal Roundup; I have retained Schillings and will be suing for theft

That was a Meghan and Harry lawsuit joke, in case you actually thought I would sue the BRF.

I obviously think a weekly royal roundup is a good idea, or I wouldn’t have done it for a year and a half straight. It gives a good, accessible list of reasons why the taxpayers are getting their money’s worth, and highlights the charities and organizations that the BRF feel deserve more attention and money. (It’s much less snarky than my version of the WRR).

Phew. So much news. I’ll be doing a deep dive/reaction to Andrew’s lawsuit settlement on the Patreon very soon, if you’re interested!

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One thought on “BRF Updates: 2 Fast 2 Furious

  1. Hi, so I wanted to comment before but couldn’t until now. I’m not a fan of Charles and Camilla so I’m not trilled about this news, but also I’m not entirely surprised, a little about the Queen making the announcement but not really about the fact that Charles surely insisted on this all these years and probably would have continued to insist on it until either the Queen said publicly she agreed to this, or until he was King and could announce it himself. He wasn’t going to back down, so I guess this was bound to happen either way. I also read before the article you quoted clarifying that legally she would become Queen Consort no matter what, based on that I think it was simpler for them to admit it now instead of trying to explain it once Charles becomes King.

    About H’ lawsuit, I could spend hours speaking about how incredibly entitled H is by doing this, but I think you covered all the points thoroughly. All I can add is that either H is a man-child who doesn’t understand anything about the political, diplomatic and economic implications of what he’s asking, or this is just a ruse to be able to have an excuse for not stepping foot in the UK for years to come. I don’t know how involved M is in all this, I think H bears the main responsability, but some are speculating than among the many reasons M doesn’t want to go back to the UK (besides knowing she is unpopular and can’t reverse it, therefore considering the country a “lost cause”, etc.), is the fear than if she brings the children to the UK, the Crown can try to take their custody away from her. It sounds crazy, but I guess she and H are not beyond having such a fear. It’s also possible that H genuinly believes he’s in danger if a moto with one paparazzo is behind his car, which he alledged happened on June 30, 2021 when he left the WellChild event. But some say there is no graphic proof his car was chased by any pap or press and that the UK government can prove nobody chased him, which means he lied again. Whatever the truth, this case will be interesting.

    The Andrew thing, it seems he’s finally accepting he can’t go back to public life (he quit a naval club this week). He must be begging no other accuser emerges trying to have her day in court and / or another settlement (there were rumblings another lady might have grounds to come file a lawsuit if she wanted to). Another revelation about this settlement is that Charles lend him the money (Andrew has to pay it back). Of course the public would take the settlement as an admission of guilt, specially in a case where the accused first argued he didn’t even know the accuser, but settled anyways. And of course because of his initial argument, once he settled the mocking was merciless.

    About H and Eugenie, there is a lot going on there. Eugenie has increasingly been pointed out as the mole H and M had in the BRF to get ahead of whatever public appearances and announcements the other royals had, and for that she would have been slightly ostracized in recent times. She is also rumored to look down upon Kate and her children, to constantly praise H and M children, to have a strained relationship with her sister and brother-in-law partly because her support of the Sussexes and partly because she’s not truly fond of her brother-in-law, and another strain with her own husband because of the H and M support. This all needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, for me the fact Jack went with her to Montecito proves the rumor of strain in their marriage is false, is clear that at the very least he supports her. This cast doubt over all the other allegations, but it can’t be denied Eugenie has proven with this she’s very partial to H and M.

    And yes, the winner of the Super Bowel gets a trophy, a metal American football balloon on a pedestal. No idea why M and Jack didn’t go, and the photos don’t show 2 people that much into the game (they look bored), even if H went to the locker room and held the trophy afterwards. Rumor online is no media outlet even noticed they were there, so the Sussexes PR people had to tell the media and distribute the pics, which sound sad and pathetic if true.

    Finally about the Covid cases, I must say the Queen and Charles seemed to have gone through it rather well, just like other European royals who had it recently. That also seemed to be Camilla’s case at first but now it has been known she’s having lingering sequels, only time will tell how that evolves.


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